Who is Brandon Flynn Dating? Have a Look At His Past Relationship With Sam Smith!

Brandon Flynn is an American actor who became famous for his part in “13 Reasons Why,” a popular Netflix show. People have been interested in him and made up stories about him, especially about who he dates. Fans and people who follow Brandon Flynn are still interested in who he is dating or if he is in a relationship in 2023.

His good looks and charming personality mean that many people are interested in who he dates. In this age of social media, news about celebrities’ relationships can spread like wildfire, and Brandon Flynn is no exception. Let’s find out more about his past relationships and see if anything has changed in his love life.

Quick Facts About the Brandon Flynn

Event Description
Birthplace Miami, Florida
High School Attended New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida
University Graduated from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in New Jersey with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 2016
First Role At the age of ten, played Mr. Smee in a musical version of Peter Pan

About the Brandon Flynn Professional Life

Brandon Flynn was born in Miami, Florida, on October 11, 1993, and grew up in Texas. Flynn started out as an actor in the theatre, where he was in shows like “The Crucible” and “Annie.” Later, he moved on to movies and TV. His first movie was the short “Home Movies,” which came out in 2016.

Brandon Flynn Dating

Flynn is best known, though, for playing Justin Foley in the 2017 Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why.” The show looks at what happened after a high school student killed himself and what led up to it. Flynn’s performance of the troubled and complicated character Justin won him praise from critics and a large fan base.

Since “13 Reasons Why,” Flynn has been in a number of other movies and TV shows, such as “Looks That Kill,“Sidney Hall,” and the TV shows “True Detective” and “Ratched.” He has also kept working in theatre, with roles in “Kid Victory” and “Gently Down the Stream,” among others.

Overall, Brandon Flynn has proven himself to be a skilled and versatile actor with a bright future.

The Relationships of Brandon Flynn with Sam Smith

In the 21st Century, many people have come out to redefine what a relationship should be like. In the past, only relationships between people of the same gender were acceptable, but now we live in a new time when love isn’t just between people of different genders. Brandon is a great example of how much society has changed and becomes more open to same-sex relationships.

Sam Smith, a well-known singer, and songwriter was Flynn’s most recent public partner. Around October 2017, they started going out together. But they didn’t last for very long. In June 2018, it was made public that the couple had broken up. After dating for only eight months, their relationship came to a sudden end.

Brandon Flynn Dating

After they broke up, they both tried to get rid of anything that reminded them of the other on all their social media. But Sam finally said something about their breakup after keeping quiet for three months. He told them that Brandon was great and that they broke up on good terms.

The couple was well-known for their public displays of affection, which included kissing and holding hands. Sam said that it wasn’t just PDA for the sake of it, but that it was important for gay representation. The more people see romantic gestures between people of the same gender, the less taboo they will be. Brandon’s rep also said that the busy schedules of the couple’s jobs hurt their relationship.

People know that Flynn fights for equal rights for the LGBTQ community. When Australia decided whether or not to allow gay marriage, Brandon was one of the few famous people who spoke out about it. He complained on social media about a plane that had written “vote no” in the sky.

Brandon Flynn is Now with Richard Madden

Brandon has been linked to actor Richard Madden after breaking up with Sam Smith. When the two were seen out together more than once, rumors started to spread. Also, the fact that Richard moved into Flynn’s house in LA doesn’t help their case. People were surprised, especially since Madden had just broken up with his girlfriend, Ellie Bamber.

Brandon Flynn Dating

A source said that Richard moved into Flynn’s house so he could try to get acting jobs in Hollywood. Since Flynn knows a lot of people, it’s clear that living with him can only make things better. Many people, though, think that this is just a smokescreen that the two of them have put up to hide their relationship.

Flynn won’t talk about the rumors in public. When The New York Times asked him about Madden, Brandon said that he doesn’t talk about his private life. He also said that he doesn’t talk about his relationships in front of other people. Well, only time will tell if they are just friends or if there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.

Is Brandon Flynn Gay?

Brandon Flynn, an American actor, has said in public that he is gay and part of the LGBTQ+ community. During Pride Month in 2017, he put a message on his Instagram account showing his support for the LGBTQ+ community and letting people know that he was gay. Since then, he has been open about being gay and used his platform to fight for the rights and visibility of LGBTQ+ people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Brandon Flynn’s Marital Status?

No, Brandon Flynn is not Married.

2. How Many Relationships Did Brandon Flynn Have?

Brandon Flynn has been with at least two different people in the past.

3. How Many Children Does Brandon Flynn Have?

He doesn’t have any kids.

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