Alissa Violet’s Dating in 2023: A Closer Look at Her Past and Present Relationships!

Alissa Violet is a well-known social media influencer, model, and YouTuber. Alissa Violet has been in the news for a lot of different reasons over the years, but her fans have always been interested in her relationships.

Her relationships with other social media influencers and celebrities have often been the subject of rumors and chatter, with fans eagerly trying to piece together any clues they can find about her romantic interests. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Alissa Violet’s past relationships and rumors about who she might be dating now.

Quick  Facts About the Alissa Violet

Information Details
Full Name Alissa Violet Marie Butler
Birth June 12, 1996
Hometown Ohio
High School Brunswick High School since 2014
Family Information is not available online has two brothers
Career Aspiration Wanted to work as a model after watching a Victoria’s Secret commercial
Modeling Agency Next Models
YouTube Channel Started in 2016 with a vlog about her Team 10 house life
Relationship Dated Jake Paul and was part of Team 10 on his request to move to LA
Controversies Has had personal feuds, rivalries, and relationship issues on social media platforms that attracted attention

About the Alissa Violet Early Life and Professional Life

Alissa Marie Violet Butler, better known as Alissa Violet, is 26 years old. She was born in Brunswick, Ohio, on June 12, 1996, to a White Christian family.

Alissa Violet went to Brunswick High School, where she played sports like basketball and track most of the time. After she finished school, she decided to work in social media and started posting content on YouTube, Instagram, and other sites.

She first got famous as a Viner, where she posted funny and entertaining videos and got millions of followers. But when Vine shut down, she moved her attention to YouTube and started making vlogs, pranks, and challenges there. Her YouTube channel has more than 10 million subscribers, making her one of the most popular creators on the site.

Alissa Violet dating

Alissa Violet is also a good musician. She has put out several singles that have been watched millions of times on YouTube and other platforms. Fans and critics alike have praised her music, and she is always working on new projects to grow her career.

Alissa Violet is not only successful in social media and music, but she is also an entrepreneur. In partnership with Fanjoy, she started a clothing line called “Fanjoy x Alissa Violet.” Several products from the brand sold out in just a few hours after they came out.

Alissa Violet has also appeared on TV shows, like “The Deleted” and “Party in the Back,” where she showed off her acting skills. Because of how popular she is, companies like T-Mobile, Fashion Nova, and Maybelline, among others, have signed brand deals with her.

Alissa Violet on Social Media

Platform Handle Followers/Subscribers
Instagram @alissaviolet 12.2M
Twitter @aIissaviolet 104
Youtube @AlissaViolet 3.59M

Who is the Alissa Violet Datinig in 2023?

Fans think that Alissa Violet and FaZe co-founder Ricky Banks are back together because she posted some steamy photos of them on Instagram.

Alissa Violet started dating FaZe Banks after a very public breakup with YouTube boxer Jake Paul in 2017. They were together for almost two years… But 2019 was a bad year all around.

After Banks talked about hooking up with YouTuber Tana Mongeau in a podcast, the two of them got into a fight. Even though both sides said the fight wasn’t about Tana, Violet later accused Banks of being unfaithful to her.
In July 2019, they told everyone that they were no longer together.

Alissa Violet dating

Banks wrote a long explanation of what happened on Twitter. She said that “neither of us has been perfect” and that “Alissa and I were having problems, and I did something really stupid and hurtful.” Since then, it seems like Banks and Violet have both been living their best lives as single people… Fans think they might be dating again after seeing photos of them together on Instagram.

Alissa Violet posted some steamy pictures of herself in the back of a car on June 5, 2022. Some of the pictures show an unknown person with tattoos all over their hands touching her inappropriately. So there is no confirmation about the current dating status of Alissa Violet, but we predict that Ricky Banks is her current boyfriend.

Exploring Alissa Violet’s Past Relationship

Alissa Violet is a well-known model and social media influencer who has been linked to a number of famous people in the past. Here is a short list of the men she has dated:

Jake Paul: (2016-2017) Alissa dated fellow YouTuber Jake Paul for a year, from 2016 to 2017. Their relationship was rocky, and when they broke up, it was all over the news.

Ricky Banks (2017–2019): Alissa started dating YouTuber and FaZe Clan member Ricky Banks in 2017. The couple’s relationship was on-and-off for two years before they finally broke up in 2019.

FaZe Banks (2019-2020): After Alissa broke up with Ricky Banks, she dated FaZe Banks for a short time. FaZe Banks is also a member of the FaZe Clan. The couple broke up after a few months.

Logan Paul (2020-2021): In 2020, it was said that Jake Paul’s brother and fellow YouTuber Logan Paul was dating Alissa. But the relationship was never officially confirmed, and in 2021, they were said to have broken up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Alissa Violet Still Famous?

Alissa has 3.6 million YouTube subscribers at the moment. Most of what she posts is vlogs about her life, like how she spends holidays and marks important events.

2. Are FaZe banks and Alissa Violet Married?

Ricky Banks’ relationship with model and influencer Alissa Violet used to be the talk of the town. Banks is a YouTube star and co-owner of the company FaZe. The two internet stars used to be the “it” couple on social media, but their relationship got so full of drama that it ended in flames.

3. Did Alissa Violet win the Lawsuit?

Alissa Violet, who is famous on the internet, lost a lawsuit against FaZe Clan that was worth millions of dollars. The lawsuit was about a deal from 2018 that promised her shares from a company that worked closely with the esports organization at the time.

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