Who Was Austin Majors? How Did the NYPD Blue’s kid actor, died at the age of 27? 

Austin Majors, who rose to fame as a kid actor on the immensely popular television show “NYPD Blue,” has passed away.

People are very curious to know the Cause of his Death. They have many Queries, How Austin Majors has Died? What is the Cause of Austin Majors’ Death? What Happened With Austin Majors? Here We Discuss all the Queries, Keep Reading

Quick Facts About the Austin Majors

Name Austin Majors
Birth 1995
Relationship Status NA
Occupation Actor
Net worth $13 million
Death 11 February 2023

Who Was Austin Majors?

Austin Setmajer-Raglin, who was born in 1995, made his acting debut in 1999 on the ABC detective drama “NYPD Blue” as Theo Sipowicz, the son of Det. Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz). According to CNN, Majors appeared in 48 episodes between 1999 and 2004.

Additionally, he made appearances in a number of television programs, such as “ER” and a two-episode voice role in the 2005 “Hercules” miniseries. Through 2007, Majors also had appearances on NCIS, According to Jim, and Desperate Housewives.

Austin Majors Death

“Austin Majors (Setmajer-Raglin) was a talented, wise, and compassionate person. Austin cherished and was extremely proud of his acting profession. He had never met a stranger since he was a young child, and his life’s mission was to make others happy “the family gave Fox News Digital a statement.

“He loved going camping and fishing with his family and Boy Scout troop while growing up in a rural town. He cherished Balla, the horse he had grown up riding, and his dog Sunny. He was an active Eagle Scout, a member of the community, and a high school salutatorian. After graduating from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he pursued his interest in directing and music production.” The skilled and successful actor Austin Majors is thought to be worth $13 million.

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What is the Cause of Austin Majors Death?

Austin Majors, a former child actor, passed away on 11 February 2023 at the age of 27. He passed away on Saturday in Los Angeles. He was best recognized for his part in “NYPD Blue.” The LA County Medical Examiner-Coroner pronounced him dead.

Austin Majors DeathMajors, according to a Variety report, resided at a homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles and was featured in the Los Angeles Daily News last week when L.A. mayor Karen Bass visited the facility. Records kept by the medical examiner indicate that the cause of death is still being investigated.

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Austin Majors Sister’s Statement on Facebook

His sister Kali recalled him on Facebook:

“My big brother, Austin, is gone. He died last night. It’s so surreal to me still. He was only 27 with so much life left to live.” Major’s family issued a statement to TMZ, “Austin was a loving, artistic, brilliant, and kind human being. Austin took great joy and pride in his acting career. He was an active Eagle Scout and graduated Salutatorian in High School.”

“Austin’s younger sister, Kali, says her fondest memories with Austin were growing up on set with him, volunteering at events with ‘Kids With a Cause,’ and backpacking together. Austin was the kind of son, brother, grandson, and nephew that made us proud and we will miss him deeply forever.”

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