Who is the Wife of Dave Hollis? Why Did They Decide to End Their Happy Marriage?

Former Disney executive Dave Hollis is the subject of this article. 47 years old when they passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Let’s look into more specifics regarding Dave Hollis and Rachel Hollis’s relationships with one another.

Quick Facts About the Dave Hollis

Name Dave Hollis
Birth January 9, 1983
Age 47
Marital Status Divorce
Occupation Author, motivational speaker, and Blogger.
Death February 11, 2023

About the Dave Hollis

Dave Hollis is a former Disney executive who used to be known as Rachel Hollis’s husband. Her book, “Girl, Wash Your Face,” has sold over 4.5 million copies. Dave helped her turn her brand into a successful business, but in 2020, everything came to a stop.

They got a divorce, and Dave quit his job to find out what his life’s purpose was. Dave is a best-selling author on the New York Times list, and his new book is called “Built Through Courage.” David Sams, host of the CIA and winner of nine Emmys, sits down with Dave to talk about his life after getting divorced and how he’s taking charge and finding freedom.

About Rachel And Dave Hollis’ Relationship: When They  Met?

According to Netline, Hollis met her ex-husband after relocating to Los Angeles and they dated for two years before getting married in 2004. In a 2012 piece for the Huffington Post, the self-described “high-end, trendy wedding planner” stated that she doesn’t exactly look back on the day with fondness, highlighting her use of decor and elements that she would now regard to be gaudy.

Dave Hollis' Wife

It’s fair to say that putting more emphasis on the wedding details than the marriage may have been the first hint of trouble for the Hollies, even though the plastic chairs and tulle accents she used may not have been at the pinnacle of luxury and refinement in the world of wedding preparation. However, according to It’s Fine I’m Fine, the couple would remain wed for 16 years, have three biological children, and adopt a fourth kid.

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Dave Hollis’ Business Empire After His Marriage!

Rachel Hollis built her empire when she was married to Dave Hollis and began a family. She made her way into the public eye by releasing images of her post-pregnancy stretch marks on a beach trip in 2015, which led to the success of her first business, a lifestyle content company.

Dave Hollis' Wife

She made even more of an impact when her debut book, “Girl, Wash Your Face,” was published in 2018, and she now holds the prestigious title of New York Times best-selling author.
While working at Hollis Co., a revamped version of Chic Media, Rachel, and Dave Hollis decided to collaborate.

As the firm expanded to revolve around their marriage, this would signal the start of the merging of business and marriage. Along with the company’s intensely feminine focus, the duo started making daily live streaming for their followers.

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Rachel and Dave Hollis Join Podcast

Soon after, the pair established The Hollis Company in an effort to build an empire around their union. Before launching their combined podcast, Rise Together, they also started performing regular live streams for their expanding fan base.

Dave Hollis' Wife

The couple frequently discussed their contented marriage and relationships in general on the podcast. The Hollies continued to advertise themselves online as the perfect family and gained more recognition as a pair.

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Shocking Divorce Announcement by the Rachel and Dave Hollis

The couple worked hard to maintain their public persona, thus the news of their divorce in June 2020 came as a surprise to ardent fans. Even though the divorce may have been unexpected to those who had been closely following the Hollis family, it had probably been planned for a while before the news broke on Instagram.

Insider reports that the Instagram star’s persona in the office underwent a drastic change that employees noticed. This change may have signaled the beginning of the end for the power couple at the time.

When Rachel Hollis first announced the divorce on Instagram, she wrote, “We have worked tirelessly over the last three years to make this work and have concluded that it is better and more respectful for us to chose this as the end of our journey as a married couple. We continue to be friends as co-parents of our children and co-owners of our business.

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