Who is Lauren Pazienza Dating? Is She Still Engaged or Broken Up With Her Fiance?

Lauren Pazienza is an American event planner Lauren Pazienza is 26 years old. Is Lauren Pazienza Still Engaged? is a question that many people have. Read the article to learn more about Lauren Pazienza, including her husband, Networth, Relationship, and Marital Status.

Quick Facts About the Lauren Pazienza

Name Lauren Pazienza
Birth 1995
Occupation Event planner
Relationship  Status Engaged
Nationality American
Net  Worth $2million

Who is Lauren Pazienza?

Lauren Pazienza is an American criminal, murderer, and perpetrator. She Was born in 1995. Lauren’s LinkedIn page indicates that she has experience working for various private businesses. She continued to work at The McGee Group as a product development intern in 2016.

She then worked as a Nickelodeon Consumer Product Planning & Marketing Intern for Viacom, New York. She last listed her position as an event coordinator at Roche Bobois on her LinkedIn profile.Lauren Pazienza Still Engaged

After she killed Barbara Gustern, an 87-year-old woman, by forcefully pushing and shoving her, she started to appear in media reports and publications. She was unknown to anyone earlier when she was just going about her daily business in New York.

However, this occurrence on the evening of March 10, 2022, transformed her life. At the notorious Rikers Island Prison, she is currently spending her days incarcerated. As of May 2022, her trial was still pending, and the judges have not yet made their final ruling.

Is Lauren Pazienza Engaged?

American event planner Lauren Pazienza is 26 years old. Lauren Pazienza, an American event coordinator, is worth $2 million. She put a lot of effort into her career, which has increased her net worth.

The internet only contains a little fewer data about her. Later, this website will provide more of her personal information. If she is still engaged or not, people want to know.

Is Lauren Pazienza Still Engaged

Naveen Pereira and Lauren Pazienza got married in June of this year after getting engaged. The incident had no impact on her personal life, and she is still engaged. To learn more about her husband and other information, keep reading the story.

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Is Lauren Pazienza in a Relationship?

Naveen Pereira and Lauren have continued their relationship. Lauren is rumored to go to school with Naveen. Both of them had been together since they were little. For Microsoft, Naveen is a customer service specialist. Prior to Barbara Gustern pushing Lauren, Lauren and her fiancé Naveen Pereira were counting down the final 100 days until their June 18, 2022 wedding.

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Is Lauren Pazienza Married or Not?

The sources on the website the sun state that Lauren Pazienza is not currently married. She is engaged to Microsoft consultant Naveen Pereira, with whom she is in a relationship. June has been set aside for the wedding. About her fiance, nothing further is known.

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Lauren Pazienza’s Past Life and Education

Lauren Pazienza lived a normal life before going on trial for the murder of Barbara Gustern on the night of March 10, 2022. She has no Wikipedia page, and there are no public details about her early years. However, her LinkedIn page indicates that she finished her education in New York. This suggests that she was raised in New York City, where she was born.

Lauren Pazienza Still Engaged
She continued to attend Ward Melville High School, where she also met the man who would become her husband-to-be in June 2022, Naveen Pereira. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with an Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.), Graphic Design diploma in 2013.

The following year, in 2015, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Direct and Interactive Marketing. She began working for private businesses in 2016.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. was Lauren Pazienza Born?

Currently, Lauren is only 26 years old.

2. Lauren Pazienza is Still Dating?

There is no information available about Lauren and her fiancee splitting up.

3. Who is the Fiancé of Lauren Pazienza?

Naveen Pereira is the name of her fiancé.


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