Who is Doja Cat Dating in 2023? A Look At Her Past Relationships!

So, if you are familiar with Doja Cat, you are aware of the rapper’s lack of timidity. Have you actually watched her TikToks? Who could forget the Grammy Awards in 2022 when she revealed to everyone that she had been in the bathroom when her name was announced as Best New Artist?

Without a doubt, a legendary figure. But many people are interested in Doja Cat’s previous relationships. Doja is dating someone? What about a famous ex? Do you know whether Joji-related rumors are accurate, to finish? My friends, I believe we need to investigate this more.

Quick Facts About the Doja Cat

Name Doja Cat
Birth October 21, 1995
Nationality American
Relationship Status Not Confirmed
Occupation Rapper,  Singer, Songwriter, and Producer
Net Worth $10 Million

About the Famous Singer Doja Cat

Doja Cat is the stage name of American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, who was born on October 21, 1995. She was reared in Los Angeles, where she began creating and sharing music when she was a teenager.

Doja Cat's Boyfriend

When she was 17, Kemosabe and RCA Records offered her a joint record deal. As a consequence of their interest in her song “So High,” she released her debut EP Purrr! in 2014.

Doja has only been publicly linked to one person since she rose to fame, musician Jawny (formerly known as Johnny Utah), whom she dated until their breakup in 2020.

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Who is Doja Cat Dating in 2023?

Doja Cat maintains a low profile when it comes to her personal life as of 2023, Fans think Doja Cat is in a relationship, but that she is doing everything she can to keep it secret. She might have unwittingly divulged that she had a boyfriend, though.

When someone called the rapper “babe,” she was live on Instagram. Before shutting it down, she grinned and told him she was on life before she completely freaked out.

Fans have attempted to identify the man, but it is difficult to do from a single phrase that they spoke. Doja Cat does not want to find that person, whatever he may be.

Doja Cat is quick to dispel rumors if she is not with someone, even though she rarely admits it when she is. She is obviously a private person who wants to keep that aspect of her life private until she is certain that the relationship is sincere.

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Doja Cat’s  Past Relationship

1. JAWNY (2019-2020) (2019-2020)

Doja Cat may have only ever participated in one public romance. Her “I love you baby” comment on his Honeypie video was their first flirtatious exchange online. Additionally, he added the corny note, “Hey girl, I just gave this shot to my little cousin and I told him that we’re together,” to one of her photos. Don’t know cast me in the role of a liar.

Doja Cat's Boyfriend

They did not endure very long, which was unfortunate for them and their supporters who “shipped” them together. Doja Cat put an end to the allegations by participating in an Instagram Live. I unfollowed my ex-boyfriend, and everything is OK,” she stated. We’ve behaved civilly. Nothing odd is occurring. Nothing strange or dramatic is happening. Things simply didn’t work out. The best course of action is, to be honest.

2. French Montana (2020)

Rumors of a relationship between Doja Cat and French Montana first surfaced in October 2020. When French Montana shared a video of himself and Doja Cat on a yacht, the internet went wild. In the video, he included her as well.

As soon as the video became viral, folks started speculating about their relationship. However, Doja Cat swiftly put an end to the rumors. “I and French got a song coming out,” she tweeted. F-kin unwind.

3. Dicky Lil (2021)

Doja Cat’s appearance on one of Lil Dicky’s episodes of Dave sparked suspicions. Fans questioned whether they were dating because there was so much chemistry between the two of them.

Doja Cat's Boyfriend

On the program, it was revealed that Dave, a character played by Lil Dicky, had a dating app match with Doja Cat. But neither of them followed through on the flirtatious sensations they created on screen, and the chemistry appears to have faded.

4. Bree Runway (2021)

This rumor first surfaced in 2021. When Bree tweeted, “my hot date @DojaCat,” along with a photo of the two of them, the rumors first surfaced. When Doja Cat reacted to the tweet with the tongue-licking emoji, the supporters went into a frenzy.

Doja Cat's Boyfriend
The two of them were seen making out at a Drake-hosted party. They continued by sharing pictures from the gathering. Doja Cat once asserted that she had a “girlfriend” and was going public with the relationship.

5. Canadian Montana (2022)

Yes, the alleged pair did eventually return to one another. In order to celebrate their mutual buddy Adam Zia’s birthday, the former partners gathered in the Bahamas.

Doja Cat's Boyfriend

Similar to the previous time, Montana posted a photo collage and included Doja Cat in it. The photos’ captions read “AFRICANS IN BAHAMAS.”  Like before, Doja Cat quickly put an end to the speculations, though. She responded, “Love you brother,” dispelling the rumors. That’s certainly one way to dispel the rumors!

 6. Joji  (2022)

Reddit has made it known to the public that Doja Cat has had a crush on Japanese musician Joji since 2015. She even tweeted, “f*ck me, Joji,” before subsequently deleting it. She liked his posts in 2019 and again in 2022, which fans noticed, indicating that she was still not over him.

Doja Cat's Boyfriend

The singer of the song “Say So” ultimately acknowledged during an Instagram Live that she did like him. She had to put an end to the rumors, though. “No, I’m not dating Joji,” she affirmed. Not that he isn’t adorable. It seemed more like she was ready to be contacted by him and was no longer interested in flirting.

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