Who is Adam Devine Dating in 2023? A Look At His Past Relationship!

Adam Patrick DeVine was born in the United States. Since then, he has worked as an actor, comedian, singer, writer, and producer. Adam DeVine is a regular on the hit Comedy Central show Workaholics, which he also helped make.

He is also a regular on the show Adam DeVine’s House Party, which is also on Comedy Central. We look into Adam DeVine’s current girlfriend, as well as his exes and past lovers.

Quick Facts About the Adma Patrick Devine

Name Adma Patrick Devine
Birth November 7, 1984
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, Comedian, Singer, Writer, and Producer
Relationship Status Committed
Net Worth $8 Million

A Look At Adam Devine Adam Early Life

Devine was born in Waterloo, Iowa. His parents are Dennis and Penny Devine. In Omaha, Nebraska, he went to high school at Millard South and graduated in 2002. There, he met Blake Anderson, who would be his co-star and good friend.

Adam Devine Dating

In June of 1995, when Devine was 11 years old, he was balancing on his bike while crossing a street in Omaha. When he finally stepped out into the street after three cement trucks had gone by, he was hit by a fourth truck that had been held up by oncoming traffic.

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Who is Adam Devine Dating in 2023?

Adam DeVine is currently dating Chloe Bridges. Since they met in 2015, the couple has been together for about 8 years, 1 month, and 8 days. The American TV actor was born in Waterloo, Iowa, on November 7, 1984.

Adam Devine Dating

He is a comedian and writer who is best known for his work with Blake Anderson and Anders Holm in the sketch comedy group Mail Order Comedy and later on Comedy Central’s Workaholics. In Mike and Dave’s Wedding Dates, he acted with Zac Efron.

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About the Adam DeVine’s Girlfriend

Adam DeVine’s girlfriend, Chloe Bridges, was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana, on December 27, 1991. She is a 31-year-old Capricorn at the moment. Because of her roles on TV shows, Chloe Bridges has become well-known. In the same way, she was a goat kid.

Adam Devine Dating

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 Adam Devine Past Relationship

Before he started dating Chloe Bridges, Adam DeVine was with at least two other women. Mr. Adam DeVine is single right now. Adam Devine used to date a woman named Kelley Jakle (2012 – 2014). At the moment, we are looking into dates and meetings from the past.

Most online rumors about Adam DeVines’s dating life aren’t true. It’s easy to find out who Adam DeVine is seeing, but it’s harder to keep track of all his flings, hookups, and breakups. Already, it’s hard to keep track of all the people a celebrity has dated and who they’re with.


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