Is Shihab Chottur Married? In Which Extremely Unique Activity He is Engaged?

Who Is Shihab Chottur? Shihab Chottur is a well-known physician who has lately launched a YouTube channel. His origin is Kerala. People are curious about Who Is Shihab Chottur; if you have the same question, you’ve come to the right site. This article discusses Shihab Chottur’s wiki, biography, wife, children, and net worth.

Quick Facts About the Shihab Chottur

Name Shihab Chottur
Birth 1993
Nationality Indian
Marital Status Married
Occupation Doctor, YouTuber
Net Worth $500K

In  Which Extremely Unique Activity Shihab Chottur is Engaged?

Shihab Chottur has his own channel on YouTube. He is a doctor. Shihab currently has a net worth of $500,000.  He was born in India, in Malappuram, Kerala. His wife and one child will remember him. Chottur is a young, active guy who is trending on Google and other social media sites right now because of his long journey from India to Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Shihab Chottur

He is walking bravely to get to Makkah, which is in Saudi Arabia, in 2023. Can you walk a distance of less than 8,640 KM? Can you walk to Mecca by going through every country? This page has the answers to all of these questions.

Shihab Chottur does walk 25 kilometers every day. This is true. Mecca is 8,640 kilometers away from where he grew up (Kerala to Mecca – Saudi Arabia). Since two months ago, he has been on a trip. All of us are praying for him and his trip. No one has ever done something like this before. Shihab Chottur is safe because the police and other people are helping him. People are giving them flowers.

Shihab Chottur on Social Media

Shihab Chottur’ Instagram           5M followers

Shihab Chottur Twitter                  167 Followers

Shihab  Chottur Youtube                1.4 Million

What is the Age of Shihab Chottur?

Shihab Chottur, a 29-year-old resident of Kerala, India, is renowned for his ability to undertake the Hajj in February 2023. Shihab began his Hajj journey in July; he is currently in Gujarat and will proceed through Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala. Shihab logs 25 km of everyday walking. Shihab Chottur was born in 1993 and is 29 years old.

Shihab Chottur

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Is Shihab Chottur Married or Not?

Shihab Chihab Chhotur is Married. No formal updates regarding his wife are available. If we receive any additional information on his wife or other romantic affairs, we will update our page, so please visit again. He is currently married and has a wife and two children, although his spouse’s name is unknown.

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A Look A Shihab Chottur’s Family

The identities of Shihab Chottur’s parents have not been made public. His parents and other family members are not yet known to the public. There is no information on Shihab’s parents available on the Internet. He was born in Kerala, India, in 1993. If we receive any additional information regarding his family or siblings, we will post it on our website, so please visit often.

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