How Did Most Popular Reggae Singer Ebony Reigns Died?

Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, well known by her stage name Ebony Reigns, a young Dancehall musician from Ghana, passed away on February 8, 2018. She was born in Ghana and is one of the most wealthy reggae singers. She is also on the list of the Most Popular Reggae Singer, according to Popular Bio.

In this section, we will discuss the factors that led to Ebony Reign’s death. Keep Reading

Quick Facts About the Ebony Regin

Name Ebony  Regin
Birth February 16, 1997
Nationality NA
Occupation Reggae Singer
Relationship Status NA
Death 2018

About the Ebony Regin

Ebony Reigns was born on February 16, 1997, in Accra, Ghana. Singer of Afro-Pop and Dancehall whose songs “Kupe” and “Poison” were big hits. Her ebony reigns Instagram account has more than 280,000 people who follow it. She was a musician, and she and Jun Seba both died in car accidents. After Bullet from Ruff n Smooth heard her, she was signed to the Ruff Town record label. Radio host OGtheEMCee put her in touch with the CEO of her record label.

Ebony Reigns Death

How Did Ebony Regin Pass Away  Died?

Ebony Reigns was killed instantly in a car accident on February 8, 2018, on her way back to Accra from Sunyani after visiting her mother. Franklin Yaa Nkansah Kuri, who worked for her and was a longtime friend, and soldier Atsu Vondee were also killed in the accident.

The driver, Phinehas, who lives in Teshie, was the only person to survive the crash that killed everyone else. She passed away eight days before she turned 21. On Saturday, March 24, 2018, her final funeral services were held in front of the state house in Accra, and she was buried at Osu cemetery.

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Controversy Related to Reign’s Death

After Reigns passed away, disagreements abounded and the populace split. Some others said it could have been avoided if the roads had been built properly and lit sufficiently. According to some critics, the Mankranso road she was on that fateful night was in terrible condition, which may have contributed to the disaster.

Others hold that, despite being tragic, her death was an act of God that could not have been avoided. Others, however, blame her death on what they see as her racy lifestyle, and numerous pastors came forward following her passing to claim that they had foretold Reigns’ demise if she didn’t alter her “lifestyle.”

A well-known Ghanaian pastor named Dr. Lawrence Tetteh also spoke about how some artists and companies were profiting from Ebony Reigns’ passing. For naming ceremonies and funerals, respectively, Ghana Textile Printing Limited (GTP) plans to produce newly designed clothing with lyrics to songs by Ebony like “Aseda” and “Maame Hw3”.  He stated that he was the one who spent the most money on the burial and that he was unaware that some businesses were profiting from her passing.

Ebony Reigns Death

This caused a great deal of controversy since several individuals felt that his statements as a pastor were unnecessary, and they used social media to voice their opinions. The death of Ebony also sparked several prophecies about the demise of other artists. Shatta Wale, the top dancehall performer in Ghana, is a prime example. According to a pastor, Shatta Wale would pass away before December 25th, 2018, but something may be done to prevent it.

Fans of the dancehall king who followed Ebony’s predictions begged for his survival, but the singer released videos on social media threatening to destroy churches if he survives after the specified date. Although it is unknown whether Ebony’s death can be connected to the predictions or should just be viewed as an accident, everyone has the right to believe whatever their heart tells them to.

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