Cody Long Cause of Death? Star of ‘Days of Our Lives’ Has Died at the Age of 34!

Actor Cody Longo from Days of Our Lives was discovered dead in his home at the age of 34. His manager, Alex Gittelson, confirmed this information on Twitter and offered his sympathies to the family. He also expressed his sadness over the unfortunate loss of his close friend and client. Here are some further details.

Quick Facts About the Cody Long

Name Cody Long
Birth March 4, 1987
Occupation Actor
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $ 5 Million
Death NA

Check Details About the Cody Long’s Early Life and Professional Life

Cody Long Was Born in Denver, on March 4, 1987, Longo started his acting career on stage before landing roles in television and motion pictures. His first on-screen appearances were in the Hip Hop Kidz: It’s a Beautiful Thing video and the music video for Jojo’s 2006 hit song “How to Touch a Girl.” Later, he played Dave in the 2008 film Ball Don’t Lie.

Longo made his television acting debut in a 2009 episode of Medium. Before assuming the starring role of teen heartthrob Eddie Duran for 78 episodes of Nick at Nite’s Hollywood Heights, he played the part of Nicky Russo in six episodes of Make It or Break It from 2009 to 2010.

Cody Long Death

The character Nicholas “Nikki” Alamain, who appeared in eight episodes of the drama Days of Our Lives, is best known among viewers of daytime television. Longo has had other notable television cameos on shows like CSI: NY, CSI, Nashville, The Catch, Secrets and Lies, and others.

His filmography includes Death House, The Last Movie Star, Piranha 3D, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, Fame, High School, Piranha 3D, and more.  When Longo went away, the David Moreton-written and -directed film was nearing completion. Lucky was supposed to be portrayed by the actor in the film. Three little children and his wife are all that Longo leaves behind.

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What is the Cause of the Cody Long’s Death

As of the time this article was written, the official cause of death of Cody Longo has not been determined; however, family sources have told TMZ that they believe alcohol to be the cause of death.

According to reports, Cody has a long history of problems related to alcohol misuse. After getting into a drunken argument with his wife in November 2020, during which he allegedly shoved her face, he was arrested on a charge of domestic abuse and sent to jail.

TMZ was told by a family source that Cody had attended treatment throughout the summer of 2016, but that he may have relapsed since that time.

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Cody Longo’s Personal Life

Cody Longo and Stephanie Clark, a dance instructor, and choreographer, had been wed since October 2015 when Cody Longo passed away. Daughter Lyla, age 7, son Elijah, age 5, and son Noah, age 2, were the couple’s three young children (19 months).

Cody Long Death

Stephanie provided a lot of glimpses into her family’s lives on Instagram. She shared a number of images and videos in honor of Valentine’s Day 2022, including adorable images of Cody holding Noah in his arms, posing with Lyla at a dancing competition, and cuddling up to Stephanie’s belly in the hospital while she was expecting.

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