Brook Bailey’s Journey Through Separation from Her Ex-Husband! Unveiling the Truth!

Brooke Bailey is A well-known American model and entrepreneur. She gained notoriety for her appearances on the reality television program “Basketball Wives.” Many people are curious to learn more about Brooke Bailey’s ex-husband. This article explains who Brooke Bailey’s ex-husband is and why she and Ronnie Holland parted ways.

Quick Facts About the Brook Bailey

Fact Detail
Name Brooke Bailey
Birthplace California, United States
Date of Birth 13th July 1977 (Wednesday)
Age (as of 2022) 45 years old
Education Hamilton High School
Profession Reality television star, fashion model, and businesswoman
Famous for Lead cast in Basketball Wives: LA, launching Skin by Brooke Bailey
Magazines Smooth Magazine, Low Rider Magazine
Daughter’s Death Kayla Nicole Bailey died in a car accident on 25 September 2022.

About the Brook Bailey

Brook Bailey was Born on July 13, 1977, in Los Angeles, California, Brooke is now 45 years old and resides in New York City. Brooke is a well-known businesswoman, model, and television personality. We discovered after extensive research that she began her modeling profession as a freelancer. She has posed for a number of regional clothing companies. In addition to this, Bailey appeared on the covers of other well-known publications, including Smooth Magazine and Low Rider Magazine.

Brooke Bailey Ex Husband

She rose to fame as a result of her participation in the Basketball Wives: LA reality television series. In addition to this, Bailey is a prosperous businesswoman. She also established Skin by Brooke Bailey, her own line of clothing.
Let me inform you that she uses social media to promote her brands as well. In addition, Bailey has a YouTube channel where she posts her cooking tutorials. She also mainly concentrates on her work in television and her fashion line.

Her zodiac sign is Cancer, and she is of mixed African ethnicity, with American nationality and Christian religious beliefs. Brooke graduated from Hamilton High School and has since amassed a net worth of around USD 4-5 million, thanks to her hard work and determination. Brooke Bailey is a true example of what one can achieve with dedication and perseverance.

Who is the Brook Bailey’s Ex-Husband?

Brooke Bailey formerly wed Ronnie Holland. According to distractive, Ronnie Holland was Brooke Bailey’s former husband. She wed Ronnie, her ex-husband, in 2014.

Brooke Bailey Ex Husband

Brooke shared photos of their wedding day and relationship on social media after they got hitched. In a Malibu ceremony in 2016, Brooke Bailey and Ronnie Holland joyfully renewed their vows. She destroyed all the photographic evidence of her previous marriage after their divorce.

Brook Bailey’s Ex-Husband Separation: What Happened and Why?

The precise date that Brooke and Ronnie decided to split up is unknown, but she deleted all images from her Instagram account that had anything to do with her marriage or her ex. reports that Brooke Bailey started crying when talking about her current family issues on Basketball Wives.

In the trailer, Brooke said that her husband “broke our whole family apart.” After reports of an infidelity scandal surfaced in January 2022, Brooke revealed she was single. Bailey reported, “Single sounds better than dumb, but wife sounds better than a girlfriend.

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Quick Overview of Brook Bailey’s Married Life

Category Information
Name Brooke Bailey
Marital Status Single
Previous Marriage Married to Ronnie Holland in 2014, and renewed vows in 2016 in Malibu, California
Divorce The couple split up after leading a peaceful married life for a few years.
Current Relationship Brooke Bailey is reportedly not dating anyone currently.
Personal Life Brooke Bailey seems to be very happy in her single life, and she is supported by her friends and family.
Comment Brooke Bailey has been married twice, and she admits that her second marriage was a wrong decision.

Is Brook Bailey Current Married? Check Past Relationships Also

According to reports, Brooke Bailey is not dating anyone right now. She is radiant, expanding daily, and living her life without any regrets. According to, Brooke was married to retired basketball star Ronnie Holland.

In 2014, they were married in a well-publicized wedding. They got married again in 2016 at a ceremony in Malibu, California. Yet after a few years of living a happy married life, the couple separated. There isn’t a man in Brooke Bailey’s life right now.

Brooke Bailey Ex Husband

In an interview, Brooke Bailey stated, “I was about 20 when I first got married.” She continued by saying that she should not have married him the second time around, but she made the poor choice because she said, “I’m going to do it for my kids.” Brooke Bailey appears to be content with her single status, and her friends and family are behind her.

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Does Brook Bailey Have Children?

There are two sons and a daughter among Brooke Bailey’s three kids. Kayla, her daughter, recently died. According to Distracify, no information is accessible regarding her youngest son, Shumecio, who is the name of the son he has. About her sons, nothing else is known.

There are no other known facts concerning Brooke Bailey’s family. Her relationship with her ex-husband is unknown. It is unknown who Brooke Bailey’s parents are or how many siblings she has. An article from a Basketball Wives fan account claimed Kayla died in a car accident in Memphis, despite there being no proof of her passing.

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