Are Tyler and Angela Married? Or They Ended Their Relationship!

Many people were looking forward to Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans’ wedding because they were one of the most popular showmance couples in the history of the Big Brother franchise and had been together for several years.

Are Tyler and Angela Still Together?

Multiple sources tell Us Weekly that Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen, who met in the Big Brother house in 2018, have broken up and called off their engagement after four years.

One buddy says, “They broke up a long ago,” adding that many of their pals have kept quiet out of respect. Since it was simply a “break,” most weren’t sure if they’d reconcile.

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Fans suspected a split after the fitness model, 30, and former lifeguard, 27, who own a house in South Carolina and manage a jewelry firm named Naut and Chain (however, according to documents, Tangela Inc Media LLC is wholly in her name), ceased posting about each other on social media.

Are Tyler and Angela Married? Or They Ended Their Relationship!

The cookbook author then visited New York City, Paris, and Bali, Indonesia, without her boyfriend or ring. She is back in Bali. The ex-couple still comments on each other’s Instagram photographs, suggesting a friendly breakup.

Before the split, they were inseparable. “Literally every single day since we went out of the house, we’ve never spent more than three nights apart,” Angela, who just competed in The Challenge: USA, told Us in August 2020 when Tyler was in Big Brother: All-Stars.

“We spent three nights apart once. Life is interrelated. One individual. I tell them it seems like someone pulled my arm and leg off, threw a 20-pound bag on my back, and said, “Go run a marathon now.” It’s impossible.”

In January 2021, Tyler proposed on a beach on “the greatest day of my life.”

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“You make every day feel like a dream come true and I am now officially the luckiest person on Earth,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’ll adore you forever.”

Angela wrote, “YES to forever and ever and always. Forever, babe. 1.10.2021 ‘It’ll happen if it’s meant to. You made my day amazing.

I adore you beyond words and can’t wait for our next chapter. Let’s enjoy this moment and anticipate our future enthusiasm.”

Did Tyler and Angela of “Big Brother” Call Off Their Engagement?

As viewers of Big Brother 20 in 2018 know, Tyler and Angela met and quickly fell in love with one another behind the scenes. They kept dating after the show ended and vlogged about their lives together.

Their engagement was announced in January 2021. This proposal was filmed by Tyler for the benefit of his followers.

“Yes, for all time and all eternity. Forever and always, just the two of us. 1.10.2021 Angela concluded the caption for her Instagram photo with the words “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.”

Are Tyler and Angela Married? Or They Ended Their Relationship!

What a wonderful day you have given me. I love you more than words can convey, and I look forward to our future together. Enjoy the present while we can, and take in the thrill of what the future holds for us.

There’s already a copy of the entry on her site. Fans, though, began to question if the couple had actually split up. They haven’t updated their channel with any new videos, and the name has been changed to just Angela’s since then. “Tyler Crispen + Angela Rummans = Tangela,” the description states.

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According to All Appearances, Are Angela and Tyler Still in Partnership?

It’s possible that Tangela has ceased uploading videos. However, they’ve collaborated on a collection of jewelry under the name Naut & Chain.

Recent Instagram photos by the account advertise sales of the jewelry. Angela just recently published a photo tagged with a Bali, Indonesia geotag.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Angela Rummans (@angelarummans)

In a video he uploaded last week, Tyler advertised specials to be had on the line for Black Friday. So yes, she has not produced any proof that Tyler is also in Bali.

Fans are likely waiting for the reality stars to issue a statement on the breakup rumors. However, there are other indicators that suggest that they have ended.

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Who is Angela, Who is Participating in Big Brother 20?

On season 20 of Big Brother, Angela Logan Rummans participated as a houseguest (US). Angela was a member of the Level Six alliance, which was considered to be the most powerful alliance throughout the season.

She had a close friendship with Level Six members Tyler Crispen and Kaycee Clark, and later on, in the season, she began a romantic involvement with Crispen. Clark was also a close friend of hers.

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