Are Nick and Jawa Still Together? What Happened to Their Relationship?

Jawahir Khalifa, a model from Amsterdam who started breaking rules as soon as the competition began, and Nick Kisci, an American artist and yogi who spent a lot of time meditating, were the two competitors who squared off against each other in the match that was considered to be the most competitive of the entire season.

Too Hot to Handle Adventures of Jawahir and Nick Relationship Timeline!

Among all the opulent shenanigans and beautiful settings, the fourth season of Too Hot to Handle uncovered a few genuinely sweet love tales.

Nick Kisci, an American artist and yogi who spent a lot of time meditating, and Jawahir Khalifa, a model from Amsterdam who broke the rules from the get-go, had the best pairing of the season.

Are Nick and Jawa Still Together? Or They Break Up! 

Although Nick immediately had his sights set on Jawahir the moment she stepped foot on the beach, she ended up chatting with a number of the males before he caught her notice. After teaming up, they became the season’s greatest rule-breakers, second only to Kayla and Seb.

When Shawn, a model from Florida who had grabbed Jawahir’s eye, showed up, she threw a huge curveball (or “grenade”) into the couple’s vacation plans. The model admitted right away that she avoided committed relationships, and when she decided to pursue a fling with Shawn, she relapsed into old habits, even sleeping with him for a night.

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Ultimately, Lana made Jawahir choose between a candlelit dinner with Nick and Shawn. Jawahir gave it some serious thinking before deciding on Nick. She explained to him that she had pushed him away because she was afraid he would hurt her because of her insecurity over being abandoned.

That which links me to you is real and known to me, and I take comfort in that. Simply put, there’s a feeling I get whenever I look at you that I’ve never experienced before. I informed him, “I was trying to leave you because I’m terrified.

Jawahir and Nick joined the other two couples in the competition for the remaining $89,000 of the $200,000 prize pool after the romantic dinner. The other contestants voted Jawa and Nick to victory.

Are Nick and Jawa Still Together?

The victors of Season 4 have come clean and admitted that they are no longer together. The post-show analysis indicated that the couple did remain together after the program ended, spending many months together in London and on a romantic vacation in Bali. They ended up splitting up and are currently single.

Jawahir was the first significant other with whom Nick shared a home, Nick informed Tudum(opens in new tab). Being in our relationship forced me to confront my commitment concerns head-on, and it also helped me learn patience and communication skills.

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Jawa can be heard saying, “I’m going to spend my twenties just enjoying, and growing and just expanding as a young woman,” despite the fact that she is “single and not ready to mingle.”

There were hints about their relationship before now, albeit Nick isn’t very active on Instagram, so the typical snooping process is a bit more challenging for Nick and Jawahir.

Despite posting many beautiful photos, he doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram. But Jawahir does follow him and frequently likes and engages with his and the other cast’s postings.


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Filming for the episode took place in the early spring of 2022, and it seems like Jawahir and Nick took off on their travels as soon as production concluded.

Both posted photos from Indonesia on Instagram in April and May, raising strong suspicion that they traveled there together. Both of them can be seen posing in front of a waterfall in early April posts.

Nick and Jawa Final Words?

Overheated winners Nick and Jawa complete Season 4 happier than ever. They were in love long after filming. “We shared seven months in London and Bali.

“I’ve never lived with a significant partner,” Nick tells Tudum. The two traveled the world kayaking, bar-hopping, meditating, and climbing Mount Batur in Indonesia, which Jawa calls “wonderful.”

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Now single, they broke up. Jawa says she’ll always love Nick and is “grateful” for the connection. Nick also says, “Our relationship taught me patience and communication from a new perspective and helped me to tackle my commitment [problems] head-on.”

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