Upload Season 2 Review: How Come Ingrid Doesn’t Seem to Be Uploaded?

The second season of Upload is somewhat disappointing. There are a few moments of brilliance, but they are few and far between, with a story that can’t decide which of its multiple plots it wants to be the major focus, and a cliffhanger finale that doesn’t really resolve anything.

Despite its flaws, Upload remains a humorous series, with some hilarious gags and a few nicely executed and inventive concepts.

There is a continuous anti-capitalist message that is also well-explored, while the characters try their best with the material they are given. Unfortunately, compared to the first season, this material is quite subpar.

The second part of the story begins exactly where the first ended. After having her heart broken by Nathan, Nora has decided to work off the grid with the Ludds. They want to sabotage Lakeview and retaliate against the terrible capitalists that rule the world.

In contrast, Nathan’s hands are full with Ingrid. She has uploaded herself to Lakeview and stays adamant about repairing their relationship.

Obviously, this results in several fights and shenanigans, with Ingrid believing that a child will cure all of their issues. And as luck would have it, Horizen is creating brand-new “Proto-Tykes,” the newest digital baby fashion fad in town.


Rather, these story issues work surprisingly well to promote the aforementioned anti-capitalist position, with the show providing caustic comments throughout. Matteo, the head of the Ludds and a prospective love interest for Nora, can be a touch blunt at times, but by the end of the season, there is no cathartic release – or conclusion, for that matter – as Upload ends abruptly.

This strategy’s weakness is its lack of concentration. With Nora and Nathan spending a considerable amount of time apart, the show instead focuses on a variety of subplots, but never delves into the core of these stories. A quarrel between Nora and a temp in the office, Tinsley, is hurriedly addressed and never mentioned, whereas the murder of Nathan is brought up and quickly resolved in the conclusion with no flair.

upload season 2 review
upload season 2 review

This is a recurring issue with the second season, which jumps back and forth between numerous subplots while occasionally contributing very little. Thankfully, the comedy remains consistently entertaining across all of the episodes, which helps to mask some of the story’s flaws.

By the end of the second season, it is more evidence that this year has felt like a stopgap and a setup for the much larger third season. It’s risky for a studio to take such a wager, but given that this is Amazon, there’s hope that Upload will be renewed to see the tale to its end.

While it is nowhere near as appealing as A Good Place and lacks the complexity of Black Mirror, Upload appears satisfied to sit somewhere in the middle.


This second season is a touch awkward and rough around the edges, and the cliffhanger finale significantly diminishes this season’s appeal.

Despite this, there is plenty here to tickle the appetite, so fans of the show should be able to glide through it. For everyone else, the second season offers little to justify the shortened runtime and lengthy wait.

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Why Was Upload’s Second Season So Brief?

Season 1 of “Upload” consisted of 10 episodes, however, Season 2 consisted of only seven episodes. Robbie Amell pointed to the limits imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic to justify the shortened length.

How Come Ingrid Doesn’t Seem to Be Uploaded?

Ingrid did not upload in Season 2 of Upload. Ingrid had not uploaded herself to be with Nathan, as it turned out. She utilized one of the costumes and spent the entire time in the bathtub. Nathan gained insight into what was occurring. Occasionally, Ingrid would simply vanish and stare into nothingness.

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