Truth Be Told Season 2 Review: What Happens to Lanie in This Story?

Some shows merit a continuation. Frequently, a narrative ends on a cliffhanger or a note that is so great that we can’t wait to find out what happens next. However, Truth Be Told is not one of these programs. In reality, the first season was not even excellent enough to merit a continuation.

The puzzling decision to continue this for a second season is exacerbated by the indifference generated by the first season’s lackluster plot. Having watched all 10 episodes of Truth Be Told, this reviewer’s opinion has not changed. In reality, Season 2 is a disaster.

The narrative continues some time after the Warren Cave incident. Poppy Parnell continues to produce podcasts but discovers a new case involving her best buddy Micah. When her husband Joshua is discovered dead with a gun-wielding boy named Drew, many questions are raised as to what transpired.

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Micah’s murky past, including her ties to Shelter and her startling connection to Rose and Holt Redding, is gradually revealed as the episodes go. All of this, though, is accompanied by a number of subplots that, at best, serve to lengthen the running time and, at worst, feel like tedious diversions.

_truth be told season 2 review
_truth be told season 2 review

There is a racist cop subplot that goes nowhere, several of Poppy’s family members have personal issues that are abruptly dropped, and a missing girl that is forgotten about for three or four episodes before being abruptly resolved. Oh, and that’s not even discussing the return of Poppy’s problems with Warren.

All of this would be acceptable, though, if Poppy’s case was genuinely intriguing. But it isn’t. Before truly advancing the case, the episodes provide viewers with virtually nothing to cling, as the narrative meanders through a multitude of meaningless subplots. Even worse, it is not until the ninth episode that a potentially shocking discovery is made.

However, even the show itself seems unconcerned with this, ignoring most of the “why” surrounding the motives and offering no assistance to viewers in solving the riddle. There is one incident of foreshadowing regarding the identity of the murderer, but that’s it. Over 10 servings and 48 minutes. Which is, I might add, two more episodes than the first season.

_truth be told season 2 review
_truth be told season 2 review

Writing is the most crucial aspect of any show, and even Octavia Spencer is frustrated with the material she must work with. She gives a decent performance, yet she occasionally feels underutilized in this production. There is no chemistry between Poppy and Micah Keith, played by Kate Hudson.

This is not to imply that the show lacks superb acting but it does. At moments, they appear to be complete strangers, which is perplexing considering the memories demonstrating their tight relationship.


At its best, the second season of Truth Be Told is just adequate. In this golden age of television, though, mediocrity is insufficient. Apple’s confidence in this program and desire to placate diehard fans is great, but one must question whether it has been worth the effort. After seeing these 10 episodes, this reviewer’s response is unequivocally negative.

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Will Truth Be Told Return for a Third Season?

On Apple TV+, the third season of “Truth Be Told” will premiere globally with the premiere episode, followed by a new episode every Friday until March 24, 2023.

What is the Focus of Truth Be Told’s Second Season?

In the second season of Truth Be Told, investigative reporter-turned-true-crime podcaster Poppy Parnell is hired by her childhood friend and renowned author Micah Keith (Kate Hudson) to investigate the murder of Micah’s husband, who is discovered in a pool of blood in the arms of another man.

in Truth Be Told, What Happens to Lanie?

After the podcast and her relationship with the patient’s grandson, Lanie is subsequently dismissed. After he discovers the awful reality about his wife and begins to doubt her, her husband leaves with their kid.

Why Did Josie Inform Lanie on the Show Truth Be Told?

Josie’s motive was not murder for the sake of murder, as is revealed very briefly. Lanie has led her to believe that she is witnessing her father going to assault her sister.

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