The Good Place Season 4 Review: Did a Good Place Have a Proper Ending?

The Good Place launched in 2016 with a fresh and original take on the standard comedy format, featuring a number of well-timed and unexpected surprises as well as endearing characters who grew and developed over the course of the series.

As with all good sitcoms, there is a fine line between bowing out on a high note and overstaying one’s welcome, and The Good Place walks this tightrope throughout its final 13 episodes, culminating in a decent enough finale but also one that leaves a somewhat hollow feeling given what we’ve seen in previous seasons.

The tale continues from where it left off at the end of the third season, with Eleanor and the others beginning their experiment on four test subjects.

In the first half of the season, Eleanor acts as the architect and is immediately swamped with challenges as she and our regular cast attempt to shift the fortunes of the four chosen subjects in their favor. From this point forward, the season will stop/start its way to the finish line, with a Chidi-flashback episode sandwiched between the closing chapters in which our characters will finally face their destiny.


It is simple to see why the conclusion will likely be a major talking point for this one. The show borrows substantially from Hotel Del Luna, a Korean drama about the afterlife that aired last year. There is a sense of melancholy to this, but the 50-minute episode repeatedly avoids truly pulling the trigger, resulting in an ending that is both rewarding and rather lackluster.

_the good place season 4 review
_the good place season 4 review

Given this year’s shifting dynamic, several of the characters no longer shine as brightly as they once did, with Jason and Tahani leaning heavily on their normal comedic flair but not being given a great deal to accomplish.

Despite this, each character’s story reaches a conclusion at the end, with Janet being the only one who doesn’t receive a satisfying conclusion. The majority of the time, however, the program does a good job of keeping things moving with well-placed gags and a few last tiny shocks along the road.

In contrast to its early seasons, however, The Good Place fully embraces its shift into a dramedy, with a greater emphasis on passion and romance to advance the plot than on slapstick and rapid-fire humor.

Certainly, the play is still humorous, and some of the absurdist scenarios, such as a trained panda delivering champagne and a dictionary monster coming to life, elicit great laughter.


The Good Place concludes its four-season run with a triumphant ending that is as bittersweet and moving as it is amusing and entertaining. While The Good Place might not reach the same dizzying heights as its previous two seasons, it still manages to complete a satisfying victory lap.

Whether you finish the season feeling like you’ve arrived in a good place depends totally on the type of conclusion you’re anticipating, but one thing is certain: there won’t be another sitcom like this for a while.

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is Season 4 of a Good Place Good?

The fourth season has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 25 reviews, with an average rating of 8.3/10. The site’s critical consensus states, “A philosophical roller coaster to the very end, The Good Place concludes with a bang in its final season.”

Which Good Place Season is the Best?

The first season of “The Good Place” has a 92% rating on IMDb, making it the best. Season 1 resonated with audiences in part due to the startling plot conclusion that left fans reeling. It is uncommon for a television series to pull off a true storyline twist that leaves the audience stunned.

Did a Good Place Have a Proper Ending?

As Eleanor drank her final margarita and Michael began his new (middle-aged) existence as a person, The Good Place felt definitely and satisfactorily concluded. It concluded with a small act of generosity, as Michael’s neighbor handed an incorrectly addressed mail.

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