The Equalizer 3 Release Date: What to Expect From This Upcoming Season?

No matter what, there’s always room at the movies for Denzel Washington to tear through bad guys, whether he’s shoving a bomb up a man’s butt in Man on Fire, shooting his rivals in the face in broad daylight in American Gangster, or protecting The Book of Eli.

In 2014, he made his rough acting debut as Robert McCall in The Equalizer, a no-holds-barred action slugfest that led to a sequel and got good reviews and a lot of money at the box office.

In The Equalizer 3, Denzel Washington is back this year. Here’s what we know so far about the movie, including when it comes out, who’s in it, what it’s about, and more.

The Equalizer 3 Release Date

On September 1, 2023, The Equalizer 3 will come out. Robert McCall’s third adventure has taken a long time to get to the big screen.

Fuqua started teasing the third adventure in 2018, right after The Equalizer 2 came out. However, he got busy making the science fiction movie Infinite for Paramount Plus and the Netflix movie the Guilty.

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In January 2022, Sony finally said that the movie would be made. Both Washington and Fuqua are now set to return in less than a year.

Who will be in The Equalizer 3?

As we already said, Denzel Washington is playing Robert McCall again. McCall is a former Marine and Defense Intelligence Agency agent who, in his civilian life, helps people who can’t help themselves. In the first movie, he worked in a hardware store. In the second movie, he was a Lyft driver (an American competitor to Uber).

In the third movie, we don’t know what kind of boring day job he’ll have. Fanning’s part hasn’t been made clear yet.

The Equalizer 3 release date

No one from the second movie is likely to show up, but Ashton Sanders could come back as Miles, the young artist Robert likes.

So far, we don’t know anything else about the cast. Richard Wenk, who wrote the second Equalizer movie and is writing the next DC/Warner Bros. Kraven the Hunter movie, will write the script.

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It’s no surprise that Fuqua is back to direct the third movie. Back in 2018, he was already thinking about the possibility of another Equalizer movie, and we can’t think of anyone else who could have led it.

What Will Happen in The Equalizer 3?

No plot details about The Equalizer 3 have been made public yet. By their very nature, The Equalizer movies are told in episodes, with each one giving McCall a new case to solve.

So, at this early stage in making the movie, it’s almost impossible to guess what it might be about. So, we can probably guess that McCall will try to help someone less fortunate than himself, probably by using violence a lot.

The Equalizer 3 release date

We also know that Fuqua said in 2018 that he would like to take McCall out of the US and into Europe if he could, so maybe the next chapter of The Equalizer will involve more travelling around the world. Fuqua’s wish seems to have come true. In a recent interview with /Film, he said that the movie was being shot in Italy.

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He said, “We’re going to shoot it in Italy, so that should be fun.” “Now we’re going to look around. Sardinia, most likely somewhere along the Amalfi Coast. Also, we are looking for small towns by the sea and other similar places. After that, we will be in Sicily and Naples.”

Is there a Trailer for Equalizer 3?

Since filming for The Equalizer 3 hasn’t started yet, there isn’t a trailer yet. The Equalizer 2’s trailer, however, is as follows:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Going to Be an Equalizer 3?

What about The Equalizer 3? Yes! Antoine Fuqua has been interested in making a third movie in the series ever since the second one came out in 2018. Early in 2022, it was made official that the movie would be made, with Fuqua and Denzel Washington coming back.

Where Can I Watch the Movie “Equalizer 2”?

You can now stream The Equalizer 2, a crime movie with Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, and Ashton Sanders. You can watch it on your Roku device through The Roku Channel, Spectrum TV, STARZ, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox, or Apple TV.

Is Equalizer 1 Connected to Equalizer 2?

The Equalizer 2 is an American action movie from 2018 that is sometimes called The Equalizer II or EQ2. It is directed by Antoine Fuqua. It is the follow-up to the 2014 movie The Equalizer, which was based on the same-named TV show.

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