The Bubble Movie Review: Is the Bubble Inappropriate?

The Bubble is Judd Apatow’s first screenplay and directorial effort since The King of Staten Island in 2020. He returns with another excellent cast, but the material lacks any comic value whatsoever. The Bubble attempts to find humor in the early days of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) epidemic. In the end, it is about as humorous as the virus itself.

In The Bubble, Carol Cobb (Karen Gillan) is a prominent actor associated with the Cliff Beasts action film franchise. She chose from returning to Cliff Beasts 5 in order to seek other options.

When the epidemic halts all Hollywood film projects, she decides to join Cliff Beasts 6, the only studio film still in production during the closure.

The cast and crew must remain in quarantine for two weeks before work can continue. They dwell in a luxurious hotel and are provided with everything they could possibly desire. Nonetheless, Cliff Beasts 6 deviates wildly from the intended path. Leaving the set will not be so simple till the filming is complete.


The Bubble is a comedy directed at major Hollywood studios and their action series. He criticizes every aspect of production, from the studio head to the cast and staff. However, in the screenplay he co-wrote with Pam Brady, Apatow always goes for the low-hanging fruit.

The Bubble conveys a message about “celebrity troubles” vs “actual difficulties” that exist for that outside of their profession.

Apatow casts the actor-turned-influencer (Iris Apatow), the actor-turned-self-help guru (Pedro Pascal), the celebrity couple who are a hot mess (Leslie Mann and David Duchovny), and the actor-turned-self-help guru (Keegan-Michael Key). Nevertheless, any sense of a character arc swiftly dissipates.

In The Bubble, there is a clear desire to remove the glamour from filmmaking, while telling the cast that the safest place they might be during the epidemic is on the set.

Apatow packs the beginning of the picture with pandemic-based jokes before incorporating thriller elements that stand out like a sore thumb.

The Bubble offers a strong premise, with the major plot revolving around an isolated movie set while the cast descends into insanity.

The Bubble Movie Review
The Bubble Movie Review

However, the problem is that it is not humorous. Making TikTok dances both plot elements and the source of laughs for the duration of full gags, the film strives excessively for modern relevancy.

Apatow crams as many stars as possible into every nook and cranny of this film. It resembles elements of Adam McKay’s strategies in Don’t Look Up, particularly his chaotic storytelling.


Apatow creates a cramped sensation within the hotel, but the pandemic aspect provides the impression of a broad scale. The distinguishing characteristic here is that the cast appears bored.

The Bubble is a very unfunny comedy in which none of its jokes land. Numerous talented individuals are involved, but the final project is a disorganized muddle with little direction.

The Bubble throws a lot at the wall with its cast of characters to see what sticks. But alas, nothing sticks; the humor merely falls to the ground.

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