Shirley’s Ending Explained: What Happend at the End of the Story?

The film Shirley depicts how two women look to one another for advice and love, yet gradually begin to resemble one another. Rose and Fred, a young couple, arrive to stay with Shirley and her husband Stanley at the start of the film. As a result of Stanley’s request for Rose to care for Shirley, Shirley’s intended short-term stay becomes permanent.

Shirley was a well-known author whose works featured horror tales. She isolates herself as a result of emotional and cognitive fluctuations. She begins to write the novel Hangsaman, which is based on the life of Paula Jean Welden.

Rose and Shirley develop a close relationship throughout the film. Rose begins to adopt Shirley’s aggressive and domineering lifestyle.


Shirley, on the other hand, seeks comfort, solace, and love, which she has denied for quite some time. As the film continues, their personalities change. While Shirley obtains self-control, Rose becomes increasingly wild and acquires a prudish personality.

A year later, Rose and Fred have a daughter. Stanley gradually realizes that Rose is receiving more attention from his wife than he is, causing him to feel envious. Stanley recommends that they should leave and find their own residence.

Rose, enraged by this, falsifies Paula’s name in one of Stanley’s textbooks in an attempt to frame him as the person Paula may be sleeping with. Shirley was aware of her husband’s infidelity, so she asks Rose if she knows who Fred is sleeping with.

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Rose confronts Fred about this on campus, and Fred reveals his treason. He requests that she not make a scene, so she flees into the forest. Shirley meets up with Rose and the infant and leads them to the trailhead where Paula vanished. The two stand at the edge of the cliff, and Rose expresses a desire to jump.

Shirley Ending Explained
Shirley Ending Explained

Shirley ending explained

Here begins the movie’s conclusion, or rather, its conclusion. The film features two possible conclusions. In addition to the scene on the cliff, there is another in which Rose and Fred are leaving Shirley’s house in their automobile. In the cliffside conclusion, the final scene depicts Shirley cradling the infant by herself.

Rose appears resolute and prepared to become stronger and more independent in the car’s final scene. At the conclusion of the film, Stanley praises Shirley’s novel and calls her a genius.

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