Selling Sunset Season 4 Review: Why Does Mary Look So Different in Season 4 Selling Sunset?

The Oppenheim Group will return for Selling Sunset season four, which will soon be available on Netflix. This time around, there are new characters, fresh drama, and, um, more real estate.

When we left the group, they had never been more distant from one another. Two distinct camps had developed, and Davina had departed the group. Extreme drama. However, season four demonstrates that the drama has not subsided; in fact, it has intensified. And it makes it considerably better.

Christine is significantly pregnant when we follow up with the group, and there are two open desks at The Oppenheim Group. The initial replacement for Davina is Vanessa Villela, a 43-year-old Mexican national.

As a former soap opera actor, she is the ideal candidate for the role. She is vivacious and insistent that she can handle female drama, which Christine immediately thrusts her into. In fact, by the sixth episode, you forget that Vanessa insisted she wouldn’t participate in the chatter.

Christine attempts to gain at least one office, buddy, while Chrishell, Mary, and Heather attempt to win Vanessa’s favor. It appears that she chooses Christine and engages in her conflicts when she is on maternity leave. That is true loyalty.


The primary plot of season four revolves around newcomer Emma Hernan, who has a significant history with The Oppenheim Group.

selling sunset season 4
selling sunset season 4

There is some uncertainty over the circumstances, but it appears she dated Christine’s ex-boyfriend, and there may or may not have been a crossover. Regardless of the (very muddled) specifics, this creates a tremendous amount of tension and some excellent cutting.

This time around, the cliffhangers are solid, if at times a little obvious. On a number of occasions, Christine mentions Emma, only for Emma to enter a room to dramatic music as the program concludes. It may not be the most elegant cliffhanger, but I certainly gasped.

Undoubtedly, selling homes in Sunset has never been about the homes themselves. Their attempt to return it to real estate is inconsistent at times. Instead of being centered on The Oppenheim Group’s comings and goings, the workplace and houses are now mostly places for gossip.

In an effort to return attention to real estate, the Netflix series introduces some very special guests. French Montana, DJ Alesso, and Simu Liu himself, Shang-Chi, enter the office seeking assistance. Now that the girls are celebrities, it seems natural that their clientele are as well.

Perhaps the nicest aspect of Selling Sunset season four is how awkward everything is. When Jason read a poem to commemorate the birthdays of his dogs at a celebration for them, I found myself wrinkling my nose in embarrassment (yes, you read that right).

But the most cringe-worthy moment occurs when season three’s Davina returns and requests her old job back (!!).

The editing at these moments is superb, and the team’s pauses, silences, and astonished replies are amusing. Obviously, she reappears, wearing a complete baby pink frock with a correspondingly shy expression.


Although Selling Sunset is not the most intellectual series available, it is a reality show, which makes it ideal.

Ten episodes simply aren’t enough for a show filled with drama, captivating characters, and opulent lives. With the excellence of the fourth season, it is evident that there will be more episodes. Salutations to The Oppenheim Group.

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