Riddick 4 Release Date: Is This Series Got Confirmation?

Slowly but surely, Riddick 4: Furya has been coming together. Universal Pictures first said in 2014 that they wanted to make a fourth Riddick movie. In 2015, Vin Diesel said that Riddick 4’s name would be Furya and that it would be a rated-R movie. Since then, the movie has been stuck in pre-production, and Vin Diesel has been focusing on playing Dom Toretto in his successful Fast & Furious series.

Even though plot details are still unclear, it seems likely that the antihero’s story will be continued in the next part of the series. Here is a list of everything that is known about how Riddick 4: Furya is being made.

Is Riddick 4 Got Renewal?

Diesel first told people about Riddick 4: Furya in July 2019 when he posted this photo of the first draft of the script on Instagram.


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Then, in November of the same year, Vin posted another update in which he listed Riddick 4 as one of his next projects, confirming that it was still a thing.

And now they’ve taken another step, and the script, of which we saw an early draught in 2019, seems to be done. In the following Instagram video, Vin Diesel said it.

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Diesel teased Riddick fans with this news almost three long years ago, though. Since then, Diesel’s camp has talked more about the Fast & Furious series than anything else he may be working on, including a Riddick 4 movie, which we now know is called Furya.

Riddick 4 Release Date

Riddick 4: Furya has been a working title for almost four years, but we still don’t know when the movie will come out. Well, the bad news is that they haven’t started making the movie yet. No date has been set for Furya.

Riddick 4

Vin Diesel is in the middle of making Fast X, and his next project is xXx 4, in which he will play Xander Cage again. At this rate, the movie won’t start filming until the middle of 2023. That means Riddick’s fourth big-screen adventure won’t come out until 2024, and that’s very optimistic!

Who Will Come Back for Riddick 4: Furya?

Vin Diesel is an important part of the movie, so it goes without saying that he will be in it. Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat, who are the same people, will make the movie. Since the show is still in its early stages, it’s hard to say who will be in the cast. The project seems to be moving forward quickly, and it’s very likely that Riddick will be back on the big screen again.

What will happen in Riddick 4?

Vin Diesel has said that in Riddick 4: Furya, his character Riddick will finally find his homeworld, Furya, and learn more about his mysterious past. In The Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick’s homeworld, Furya, was described as a harsh place where only the strongest could live. Vin Diesel posted a picture of a storyboard slide on Instagram.

Riddick 4

It showed Riddick in a spacesuit with a shocked look on his face. The slide was labelled “Scene 10: The boy’s eyes shine just like Riddick’s.” Riddick’s past could be explored by introducing other characters like him on his homeworld, like this mysterious boy who has left him speechless.

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Is there any Trailer for Riddick 4?

As we know there is no official announcement on Riddick 4. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for Riddick 3 below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Fourth Riddick?

Riddick 4: Furya is the fourth live-action movie in the Riddick universe that is coming out soon. It comes after Riddick in both time and production, and it is not known if there will be any more movies like Furya.

Is Riddick The Last Furyan?

Riddick is a Furyan, a member of a warrior race of adapted humans whose home planet, Furya, was destroyed by a military campaign and is one of the last of his kind.

Why Did Riddick Give Himself the Poison?

Riddick finds out that the pup not only survived the venom but was also starting to build up an immunity to it. This makes Riddick start giving himself injections of the venom to build up immunity, too.

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