Red Notice 2 Release Date: When It Will Air on Netflix?

If you want to know about Red Notice 2 release date, then you have come to the right place to find out. The Netflix-only movie was a huge hit when it came out in November 2021. It broke records for how many people watched it, making it the most-watched movie Netflix has ever made.

Since almost 329 million hours were watched by people around the world in the first 28 days, it’s no surprise that there will be a Red Notice 2. It’s a good thing, too, because the action movie is said to have been one of the most expensive Netflix movies ever, costing more than $200 million.

With such a big budget, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot, three big-name stars, were able to star in Red Notice and still do. Or, sometimes called Deadpool, Luke Hobbs, or Wonder Woman. This global heist movie will be back on Netflix with a new part, and we have all the information you need about the Red Notice 2 release date, as well as the cast, plot, and more. We’re in for a real action-packed treat.

Red Notice 2 Release Date

In January 2022, it was said that Netflix was starting to plan for two Red Notice sequels to be filmed right after each other. Red Notice co-producer Beau Flynn told Collider in October 2022 that the script for Red Notice 2 was done and that the script for Red Notice 3 was almost done. This means that the script for Red Notice 3 is probably done by now.

Red Notice 2 release date

The goal is to start making the movie at the beginning of 2023, but there has been no confirmation that this will happen. When it comes to releasing dates, Netflix sequels usually come out two years after the first film.

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This would mean that Red Notice 2 would come out on Netflix in November 2023, which seems like a tight schedule since filming hasn’t even started yet and there’s enough material for two movies.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Red Notice 2?

Red Notice wouldn’t be Red Notice without Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot in the main roles. So, we fully expect the three to be back in Red Notice 2 for another big heist. As was already said, Red Notice 2 will have to happen when the stars are in the right place.

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We also wonder if Ritu Arya and Chris Diamantopoulos, who played supporting roles in Red Notice, will be back for the second movie.

No one died in Red Notice, so none of the names we’ve mentioned should be ruled out. But, as with any sequel, we’re sure that Red Notice 2 will attract some big names, especially considering how well the first game did.

What Will Happen in Red Notice 2?

At the end of Red Notice, there was a great plot twist that showed Hartley (Johnson) had been working with The Bishop the whole time to get the three eggs. This is probably where the next book will pick up the story.

Up until this point, viewers and Booth (Reynolds) thought that The Bishop was Gal Gadot. When, in reality, it was a double role and they are a couple!

Red Notice 2 release date

With this information, they made it easy for Interpol, which had been following them the whole time, to catch Booth. A few months later, Booth shows up while Hartley and The Bishop are relaxing on a yacht in the middle of the ocean.

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To get out of Interpol’s custody, he told them about the pair’s secret bank account and had all of their money taken. Leaving them… open to a new “three-thief job.” Hooray! We get a hint of what might happen in Red Notice 2 when the scene cuts to Paris and we see the three people planning their next move outside the Louvre.

So, we’re officially set up for a sequel, with a bigger and better heist planned for the three of them that will make big news headlines, just the way Booth likes it.

Is There Any Trailer for Red Notice 2?

Red Notice 2 hasn’t started filming yet, so there’s no sign of a trailer yet. Fans will have to wait a while. But Netflix sequels usually come out two years after the first movie. This means that a sequel could come out in November 2023 and a trailer could come out before that. You can watch the first movie below:


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