Raising Dion Season 2 Review: What Happens at the End of the Story?

Raising kids is hard labor. It is extremely gratifying, but yet difficult. When Raising Dion was released in 2019, it took this notion and added a dash of superhero drama and mystery to create a really entertaining comedy.

In the oversaturated superhero genre, it seemed novel to focus on a suburban family, with mother Nicole grappling with her son’s skills. This coming-of-age story felt new, in part because of 7-year-old Dion and his devoted mother, but it also left a lot of room for a second season to develop.

In 2022, Raising Dion is a drastically different show, and not in a positive way. This sequel has lost sight of what made the original so attractive compared to its 2019 predecessor. Two years have passed since the battle with the Crooked Man. Pat being absent, Dion has snuck out to engage in heroic pranks while learning to regulate his abilities at BIONA, the local hub for Powered individuals.

Unfortunately, Crooked Energy is not yet finished with the little kid, and it finds Brayden Mills as a new host. Destined for Atlanta, he prepares for a major confrontation with our protagonist, where things quickly deteriorate. With sinkholes appearing across the globe, a weird virus, and additional interpersonal conflict to boot, season 2 escalates the stakes for everyone while simultaneously losing sight of Dion and Nicole’s mother-son connection.

Raising Dion Season 2 Review


Throughout most of the season, Nicole is infatuated with Tevin, Dion’s new trainer. This suave and attractive man finds up in a will they or won’t they relationship with Nicole, which drains all the excitement from the superhero drama. Why? Well, Dion and Nicole never undergo much development in this episode. There are a few disagreements and a few pleasant moments between them, but they feel nullified and, in the worst cases, fabricated by the consequences imposed upon them.

There are a couple of wonderful moments in this episode, including a tearful video message left by Nicole in episode 7. The finale also demonstrates some growth, but without the necessary stages, it feels unearned.

The genuine conflict between Dion and Brayden is where the majority of the show’s success lies. There is a pretty lovely ebb and flow between these two, however, Dion takes way too long to grasp that Brayden is nasty and manipulative. While that in and of itself would be OK, you would think Pat would have learned his lesson following what transpired last season.

The remainder of the series merely descends into mediocrity. Esperanza has an entire subplot around her singing, whilst Jonathan has a few redeeming moments with “Triangle of Justice” but is relegated to the background for the most part. New characters such as Janelle and her mother, Simone, are entirely underutilized, as is an unwarranted romance between Janelle and fellow Powered youngster Fernando, which receives only five minutes of screen time.

Raising Dion Season 2 Review


While it may appear that I am being unduly critical, it is only because I thoroughly enjoyed season 1. These eight episodes focus less on Dion’s upbringing and more on creating hell. The increased stakes and drama feel excessive and rely far too heavily on cliched superhero tropes we’ve seen a million times.

Unfortunately, the connection between Dion and Nicole, which is arguably the most significant aspect of the second season, fails to live up to expectations. This sequel lacks the necessary special components to take flight.

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Does Raising Dion Have a Third Season Planned?

The superhero drama will not return to the streaming service for a third season. Netflix has some bad news for lovers of Raising Dion. EW has learned that the streaming service has canceled the superhero drama produced by Michael B. Jordan after two seasons.

is Raising Dion Worthwhile to Watch?

This show is just “okay”; I watched the first three episodes because I enjoy Alisha Wainwright, but the child’s acting in “Dion” was the worst I’ve ever seen, and I’m amazed no one else has noted it; he overacted and was quite annoying, and yes, I do like children.

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