Mosquito Coast Season 2 Review: What Does the Butterfly in Mosquito Coast Represent?

AppleTV has difficulty with renewal. In contrast to Netflix, which randomly cancels half of its approved projects, Apple renews everything it doesn’t need and cancels the ones that should be renewed (looking at you, Shantaram!).

Apple has returned with a second season of The Mosquito Coast, which in no way justifies the show’s renewal after the previous season’s disappointing performance. Instead of the frenzied, crazy pace of the original, The Mosquito Coast delivers a sluggish, eye-searingly slow plot that hardly justifies its existence.

This time, Allie, Margot, Charlie, and Dina embark on a journey together in an attempt to find refuge. They easily locate it in Casa Rojo, but quickly learn that all is not as it seems.

The location is surrounded by cartel members, and the commander of Casa Rojo works for an even more dangerous figure named Guillermo. Allie and her family find themselves in the heart of the conflict upon their arrival.


As if that weren’t enough, family turmoil ensues as more of the group’s history is revealed, including the reason Allie and Margot are on the run and what led to this particular moment.

Certainly a surprising revelation, this first episode sets the stage for the remainder of the series… which tiptoes around without doing much for far too long. And then, naturally, everything vanishes well after the celebration has ended.

_Mosquito Coast Season 2 Review
_Mosquito Coast Season 2 Review

There are a few memorable moments, but the pacing is so terribly slow that they are overshadowed. The series is approximately five episodes too long for the content presented, and several of these chapters accomplish little to advance the plot. There is a tepid teen romance between Dina and Adolfo, a boy who appears in the community, and another involving Charlie “finding himself,” despite the irony that he ends up in the same place he began in.

The second season is mostly shaped by these circuitous character arcs, and the show does itself no favors by dragging everything out for too long.

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The set pieces are few and far between, and the characters’ utter lack of reasoning and foolishness combine for an overall tedious experience. This is a show that should have remained in the grave.

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_Mosquito Coast Season 2 Review
_Mosquito Coast Season 2 Review


is Watching Mosquito Coast Worthwhile?

Apple TV+ has a number of dramas. 17 May 2021 | Rating: 7/10 | Detailed Review… Even if The Mosquito Coast can be difficult to watch at times, Justin Theroux’s performance keeps you going back for more.

What Does the Butterfly in Mosquito Coast Represent?

Alex Disenhof followed a butterfly as a representation of the flight from the American Southwest to Mexico using a moving camera.


What is the Mosquito Coast’s Message?

It was a father-son tale about authority and ego. It was a tale of survival, pride, and stunning failure, and Charlie — thoughtful, melancholy, and kind-hearted Charlie — narrated the tale in his own voice.

Mosquito Coast Season 2 Trailer

The official Season 2 trailer for The Mosquito Coast, Apple TV+’s outstanding drama based on Paul Theroux’s renowned 1981 novel, has been released.

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