Mayfair Witches Review: Who Was the Most Powerful Mayfair Witch?

At the culmination of her character’s arc in the first season of “The White Lotus,” Alexandra Daddario shows a remarkable talent for portraying self-delusion, or the ability to deceive oneself into denying the obvious.

This talent is currently put to the test in “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches.” Daddario (to whom I am unrelated) suffers a series of personal hardships as she uncovers her sorcerous ancestry. Due to the fact that we know so much more about the tale than she does, viewers will certainly lose patience over time.

Rowan Mayfair, portrayed by Daddario, is a physician with a difficult personal life at the beginning of the series. Her mother is dying, cutting off both a sustaining relationship and the opportunity of knowing more about her ancestry.

Rowan was given to her mother through a closed adoption, and she suspects that she possesses exceptional skills – for instance, while fantasizing about a brusque professional colleague being injured, she observes as he suddenly suffers a medical episode.

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Rowan’s grasp of what it means to be a Mayfair woman has begun to tick; for many, the clock will click too slowly. Rowan travels to New Orleans to decipher her past after learning she is the heiress to a coven of witches.

mayfair witches review
mayfair witches review

During this process, she encounters Ciprien Grieve (Tongayi Chirisa), who can see inside Rowan’s perspective, and Lasher (Jack Huston), a charismatic and malevolent spirit. Relationships of this nature give all parties ample room to manoeuvre, and moments of great insanity, such as Beth Grant, who plays Rowan’s aunt, chewing the scenery in a venomous diatribe, have, at the very least, a certain intensity.

This series, based on a trilogy of Anne Rice novels as part of AMC’s continuous effort to construct a Rice creative universe, is also indebted to “American Horror Story: Coven.


Rice was not renowned as a writer with the gift of brevity. Rowan is forced back into the same chambers repeatedly in the episode “The Thrall,” in which she is imprisoned in a house of horrors; the narrative begins to feel the same way as she circles around self-awareness. And the show’s plot may exceed its visual palette’s capabilities. Rowan’s hallucination of her deceased birth mother is generally dull, missing the flair and spice one might anticipate from a potion-induced fantasy set in New Orleans.

Daddario once again demonstrates her talent as an actress despite all obstacles. Even when one wants for more from the show surrounding her, she makes the role her by conveying both knowledge and willful ignorance, as the situation requires.

She is the one who makes Rowan feel like a rounded character, as opposed to an object to whom things continue to occur. One leaves “Mayfair Witches” wishing for more and better work from a performer whose best sorcery is not of the literal variety.

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Who Was the Most Powerful Witch in Mayfair?

Mary Beth Mayfair (1872 – 1925) Mary Beth was powerful, as she was considered by the Talamasca to have been the most powerful witch created by the family in the 19th century.

How Many Mayfair Witches Episodes Will There Be?

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches received an eight-episode series order from AMC in December 2021, when another Rice series, Interview with the Vampire, was already in development at the network.

Where Can I View Episodes of Mayfair Witches?

This article includes spoilers for the season premiere of “Mayfair Witches,” which is currently airing on AMC and streaming on AMC+ on Sundays.

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