Lucifer Season 7 Release Date: Is Season 7 Got Cancellation?

Even though it had a rough start in terms of being cancelled and being liked, Lucifer gained a cult following over its six seasons. Many people loved and adored the show. But will the show keep going, or will fans have to say goodbye to their favourite show?

Will There Be a Season 7 of Lucifer?

The show was so popular that after three seasons, Fox cancelled it, but Netflix picked it up for a fourth season. But Lucifer’s time on Earth was limited, even with its new home. The eponymous devil’s story has come to an end with the end of season 6 of the Tom Ellis-led show. But why doesn’t Lucifer have a Season 7?

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The answer is easy to figure out. The show will end after the sixth season because it has not been picked up for the seventh season. So, Season 7 of Lucifer has been cancelled.

Why is Season 6 of Lucifer the Last One?

The original script for Netflix’s Lucifer said that the show would end after five seasons with a big reveal about God. But the streamer later changed its mind about the show and said it would be back for a sixth season. Lucifer was given ten more episodes, which will air in June 2020. This will give the show’s characters a proper ending.

lucifer season 7 release date

Fans who want Netflix to surprise them with news of Lucifer Season 7 shouldn’t let their breath out. When Season 6 was announced, Lucifer’s official Twitter made it clear that the last episode will be “FINAL final.” Since then, the streamers and writers have backed up that theory, suggesting that Season 6 of Lucifer is really the last season for these characters.

Why Won’t There Be a Seventh Season of Lucifer?

It all comes down to what the people who made it wanted to do. The showrunners, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich had a plan for when and how they wanted to end the series, and they’re sticking to it.

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When Netflix asked them to do ten more episodes, the couple told Entertainment Weekly that they almost didn’t do it. They liked how Season 5 ended, and it took a lot of thought before they came up with a plan for Season 6.

How Season 6 of Lucifer Ends?

The last season of Lucifer was an emotional and heartbreaking finale that wrapped up the stories of all the main characters and gave the Devil his due. After beating his evil twin brother Michael, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), is ready to become God in Season 6.

But when Rory Morningstar (Brianna Hildebrand), who would become Lucifer’s daughter, showed up, she stopped the Devil from going to Heaven and becoming God. Lucifer chose instead to get close to Rory, the child he had with Chloe Decker (Lauren German), and find out why he had left her life.

lucifer season 7 release date

In “Partners ‘Til the End,” the last episode of Lucifer’s fifth season, the Devil saved Rory from Vincent Le Mec, the hitman who killed Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro). Le Mec wanted to kill the Devil, but Lucifer stopped him and stopped Rory from killing him and becoming her own version of the Devil (with Lucifer’s face).

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But Lucifer’s kidnapping and rescue of Rory was the key to why he disappears in Rory’s future. Throughout season 6 of Lucifer, the Devil has been helping Dan’s soul reach Heaven and redeeming some of Hell’s inmates without knowing it. Lucifer knew that his ultimate goal was to go back to Hell and help every cursed soul get out of their loops in Hell and get to Heaven. But this mission requires them to leave before Rory is born, which is why Lucifer disappears from her life.

Could Netflix Come Back With a Spinoff Instead of a Seventh Season?

Lucifer doesn’t need a seventh season to remind viewers about the world it created. Even though Lucifer and Chloe’s stories are over, the presence of Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) makes it possible for a spin-off. The ending of the story doesn’t say much about what will happen to her, but it also doesn’t leave her with much to do.

Henderson and Modrovich don’t seem to want to come back to Earth any time soon, if at all. Things change, though, and now reboots and reunions are common. Even though a seventh season of Lucifer is unlikely, fans may see a return to this universe in some way. When it comes to Heaven and Hell, anything can happen.

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