Locke and Key Season 4 Release Date: Is Season 4 Got Cancellation?

Locke and Key, an original horror show on Netflix, has a way of putting viewers on the edge of their seats with its funny and intense scenes. Kinsey (Emilia Jones), Tyler (Connor Jessup), and Bode Locke’s adventures continue on the streaming giant with the third season (Jackson Robert Scott).

If you like the series, you might be in for some bad news soon. But we wouldn’t tell them the bad news yet. Here is all the information you need about season 4 of Locke and Key.

Is Locke and Key Coming Back for Season 4?

At the time this was written, Locke and Key had not been picked up for a fourth season. But, given how things turned out, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

At the beginning of this year, Netflix and the people who made the show announced that this would be the third and last season.

Locke and Key Season 4 release date

Some shows, like Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Irregulars, get cancelled or renewed quickly. Other times, it can take Netflix months to decide what to do with a show.

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But as was said above, Netflix hasn’t picked this one up for a fourth season, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that there won’t be one.

That might be for the best since both critics and viewers have had mixed feelings about season 3.

Why Netflix Isn’t Releasing Season 4 of Locke & Key?

The new keys from Locke & Key season 2 are destroyed in season 3, which means the story has come to an end. It’s a good ending because the Lockes have learned again how dangerous these keys could be if they got into the wrong hands, and that destroying them is the only way to keep demons from taking over reality.

Locke and Key Season 4 release date

In reality, this story could only go on for so long. Part of the charm of Locke & Key is its young cast, but the actors are getting older. It’s almost a given that every comic book and every movie based on a comic book must stick to its main idea. In Locke & Key, the clock was always going because the innocence of youth is a big part of the show’s main idea.

Netflix often cancels shows after three seasons. This is likely because the shows don’t bring in new subscribers, which is one of the streaming giant’s main goals. Even though it’s unlikely that Locke & Key season 3 brought in any new subscribers, the show must have been popular enough for Netflix to agree to make one more season so that the story could end.

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Unless they become huge hits like Stranger Things and The Crown, few Netflix Originals last more than three seasons. Locke & Key is one of Netflix’s best shows, but not as good as those rare titles because it doesn’t appeal to a wide enough audience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Season 3 of Locke and Key?

On Wednesday, August 10, 2022, you can stream season 3 of Locke & Key on Netflix.

Is season 4 of Locke and Key Coming?

We now know that there won’t be a fourth season of Locke & Key, which, to be honest, we should have known when Netflix said so a few months ago.

Is Locke and Key’s Third Season the Last?

The third and final season of the show, which came out on August 10, 2022, wrapped up the story in a satisfying way and introduced a new villain, Kevin Durand’s demon-possessed Revolutionary War soldier Captain Frederick Gideon.

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