Knives Out 3 Release Date: Cast| Plot| Trailer| Latest Updates 2023!

Knives Out 2 was, of course, a huge success. The detective movie quickly became one of the top ten Netflix movies of all time and was praised by critics. In his review of Knives Out 2, our editor Tom Percival gave the 2022 movie 5 stars and called the Glass Onion “compelling, funny, and whip-smart.”

The good news is that we don’t have to wait to find out if Knives Out 3 will be made or not. That’s already been decided, so let’s jump right in and find out about the Knives Out 3 release date, plot, cast, and more. And no, it’s not going to be a Muppets movie.

Knives Out 3 Release Date

Netflix has not yet said when Knives Out 3 will be available. But as of January 2023, we do know that Johnson will soon start writing the script.

After this is done, there are a few more steps, such as casting, filming, and post-production, that need to be taken before the comedy movie will be available on Netflix (and potentially in cinemas).

Knives Out 3 Release Date

Knives Out 2 came out about two and a half years after it was written, though the pandemic may have slowed things down a bit.

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Keeping this in mind, a possible release date could be November 2024, but we don’t think Knives Out 3 would come out any later than 2025.

Who will be in Knives Out 3?

If Johnson doesn’t go off the rails and bring back characters from the first two movies, you can expect the third movie to have another long list of colourful and famous suspects and possible murder victims.

Daniel Craig will be back as Benoit Blanc, and we hope that Hugh Grant, who plays Blanc’s partner Phillip and is briefly seen in a flashback scene at Blanc’s apartment, will have more to do than just a cameo.

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Noah Segan will probably be in the third movie as well, but not as a character he’s played before. Segan has been in all of Johnson’s movies so far. In Knives Out, he played Trooper Wagner, and in Glass Onion, he played the slacker Derol.

What Will the Story of Knives Out 3 Be About?

We don’t know exactly what case Benoit Blanc will be solving in Knives Out 3, just like we don’t know who will be in the cast. However, we can be sure that it will be full of twists and go against what you expect from a murder mystery.

Johnson is keeping his plans secret for now, but we do know that after the trip to Greece in Glass Onion, he’ll be back in the US for the third movie.

Knives Out 3 Release Date

“Even though Glass Onion is set overseas, it’s about a group of Americans who are stuck on an island together, so I think it might be good for the next one to move it somewhere closer to home.”

Even if the third movie is just as popular as the first two, Blanc won’t be solving crimes forever. “I think Rian and I would stop doing them if we ever thought we were just cranking them out,” Craig told Deadline.

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Johnson added: “Now, it’s important that each one, and especially the third one, feels scary and dangerous. You need to move the box around.”

Since the internet is the internet, it makes sense that a Muppet Knives Out movie would be very popular. Benoit Blanc could look into a mystery involving Kermit and his friends. This idea went viral on Twitter, and creator Rian Johnson heard about it.

He’s probably right, even though it hurts to admit that we’ll never see Miss Piggy teach Benoit Blanc a lesson.

Is there any Trailer for Knives Out 3?

Knives Out 3 hasn’t even started filming yet, so we’ll have to wait a while. The first teaser for Glass Onion came out in September 2022, two months before the movie came out in theatres.

If we’re right and the movie comes out in November 2025, we’ll have to wait a long time, but we hope it comes out sooner. For now, you can watch the trailer for Knives Out 2 below:


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