How to Get Away With Murder Season 7 Release Date: Is It Happening or Not?

How to Get Away with Murder is a TV show about a crime-solving team. Season 6 is officially over, and it went out with a bang! If you’re wondering if this twisty show will be back for Season 7, the answer is no. ABC decided that Season 6 would be the last season of the show, which means that the Season 6 finale was also the series finale, and we won’t be seeing Annalise Keating for another year (Viola Davis).

The news came out in July 2019 that How to Get Away with Murder’s sixth season would be its last. This gave the show plenty of time to wrap up all of its loose ends. For some characters, that means a horrible death, while for others, it might mean a new chance at life with a lot less murder and mayhem.

After the fifth and sixth seasons of How to Get Away with Murder came out, we saw that the fans are always waiting for the next season to come out, and the answer to their wait is almost here. If you have also been looking for the next new season, here are all the updates you should know:

How to Get Away With Murder Season 7 Release Date

The show How to Get Away with Murder has had six interesting seasons so far, and the IMDB has given it 8.1 out of 10 ratings. Reports say that Season 6 was the last, and it was released on September 26, 2019. It was thought that season 6 would be the last season and that no other seasons were planned.

How to Get Away With Murder Season 7

Peter Norwalk, who made the show, said on Instagram that season 6 will be the last. But Netflix has announced that the seventh season of How to Get Away with Murder will start on April 2, 2020.

But there hasn’t been a breakthrough in this area yet. Since the producer and Netflix haven’t said anything about a release date, it’s likely that the making isn’t done yet because of the pandemic, so it may be pushed back.

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Fans, on the other hand, are thrilled, and they are looking forward to the next season if it comes. We don’t know if or when a new season will be released. Whatever happens, it will be exciting.

Who will be in the Cast of How to Get Away With Murder Season 7?

There is no confirmed cast for the new season, and if there is a spin-off, then you might see these actors:

  • Viola Davis as Annalise Keating.
  • Billy Brown as Nate Lahey.
  • Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh.
  • Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt.
  • Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone.
  • Frank Delfino as Charlie Weber.

What will happen in How to Get Away with Murder Season 7?

Sorry, it’s been confirmed that the show isn’t coming back for the new season. This means that there is no plot or storyline for season 7, and the show has made money for 6 seasons. The story of this drama is amazing, with lots of twists and turns that make people want to know what happens in the next episode.

How to Get Away With Murder Season 7

The drama is made so that we see flashbacks and current events at the same time in fast-forward scenes. I love the drama so much because you can see romance, betrayal, and self-discovery all in one show, which makes it interesting to watch.

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People watch more of these types of dramas because they want to know what’s going to happen next and who the murderer is. They also feel like they’re in the drama and want to solve the murder mystery. If a new person chooses the drama for the new season, you will see what happens to Annalise and maybe another character that wasn’t shown in the last season.

It was also clear from Pete Norwalk’s Instagram post that the series had ended and that the final season would be the end of Annalize’s story.

Is there any Trailer for How to Get Away With Murder Season 7?

As we know there is no official announcement on How to Get Away With Murder Season 7. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for How to Get Away With Murder Season 6 below.


Most of the things have been provided to you in the above article which includes the release date updates of the series. As soon as the release date or any update is going to come regarding the season you all would be shared. What is your thought regarding How to Get Away With Murder Season 7, let us know in the comment section below. For more information visit our website and stay tuned for more and more updates and details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ratings for How to Get Away With Murder?

The show is very popular, and on IMDb, it got an 8.1 rating out of 10.

Who is Annelise’s son?

Annalise eventually told her mother when she went to see her about 10 years later, and the two of them named their child Sam, after his father.

Does How to Get Away with Murder have a 7th season?

The show will not be back for a seventh season. As a result, we have no idea what the story is going to be about. We think, however, that if the show comes back in the future, it won’t be short on story ideas.

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