Hellraiser Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of the Story?

The revived Hellraiser franchise is notably different from the original series. While the ethos remains the same, the plot and mythos undergo significant modifications. It is one of the most intriguing horror flicks of the year and a novel form of spooky amusement for us.

Hellraiser Ending Explained

Hellraiser’s ending left the audience with more questions than answers. Even while it was ethically correct and satisfied our want to see justice done, if a sequel is produced, there will be dire consequences. After discovering that they can offer the life of a Cenobite as the final sacrifice, Riley and Trevor draw him in.


He is at first slow, but then something snaps and he becomes as fast as Usain Bolt as he chases the two around the home. Eventually, they are able to lure him into the steel cage in the house’s center. They will, with any hope, trap him between one of the doors.

Riley is propelled through the door and loses control of the box containing the blade. She asks Colin to do it instead, but despite checking the correct location, he cannot locate it. Desperate and seeking redemption, Voight stabs Colin with a knife.

Hellraiser Movie
Hellraiser Movie

While Voight is concerned with Pinhead, Riley crawls through the gap beneath the Cenobites and unlocks all the doors. Similarly, Leviathan descends in a visually stunning scene. Colin, having benefited from the closed doors, must now confront the Cenobites in front of him.

She begins to torment him, but Riley and Trevor arrive shortly after. As retaliation for Trevor’s betrayal, she declares that she would offer another in his stead and then stabs him. The Cenobite then abducts Trevor, and Riley and Colin enter the middle room.

Pinhead returns Voight’s device, per his request. His body begins to recover, and he believes he has won. He demanded Leviathan, or power, from Pinhead this time, and she complies. When a massive arm-like contraption impales him through a window in the ceiling and transports him to Leviathan, it is not what he expects.


The Cenobites and Pinhead ask Riley what she desires for her role, but she does not mention Matt.

Then, nothing occurs, as the Lament configuration just signifies that she must live with regret for the remainder of her life. The Cenobites depart, and Riley and Colin also seek a new beginning.

Only later do we discover Voight lying on a stricture. His body is gradually mangled and punctured with needles and other terrible instruments.

His eye color transforms, and he becomes one of them. Voight’s wish caused him to become a Cenobite, just as the other members of his species would have eventually done.

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