Hanna Season 3 Review: Harrison Morgan Turns Into a Serial Killer?

In this concluding installment, ‘Hanna’ (Esmé Creed-Miles) continues her mission to destroy the covert U.S. government espionage complex UTRAX alongside her former adversary-turned-ally Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos). But with the odds stacked against them, how will the duo be able to defeat them and save the newly generated victims of the evil organization?

Hanna’s existence consists of acting suspiciously, battling elite assassins, and toying with death, and season 3 of this immensely popular program begins in the same manner.

Hanna’s life has not changed significantly, but this sequel is less action-packed and seems to be running out of ideas and originality compared to the prior two. This time around, the prose is somewhat repetitious and jaded.


However, it’s not as if there’s nothing entertaining to do. Several of the positive elements from the prior two seasons are present here. First, there is a more mature Hanna who appears to be a femme fatale with a budding romantic life.

Hanna Season 3 Review
Hanna Season 3 Review

However, Hanna has no time for romance because there are people to save and evil guys to eliminate. This is the essence of the show’s plot and precisely what propels it forward. Esmé Creed-Miles shines once more in the title role as her character develops naturally alongside her.

Mireille Enos delivers her customary excellence and continues to drive the show with her understated performance. This time, we also gain insight into her horrific past and what makes her so dangerous.

The combined brilliance of Miles-Enos is one of the greatest highlights of a production that appears to have run its course, as Hanna now pursues The Chairman, the apex predator of the UTRAX food chain (Ray Liotta). Carmichael, played by the innately attractive Dermot Mulroney and at the head of Season 2’s events, is robbed of screen time by Liotta’s straightforward performance.

Younger characters are introduced, including notable performances from ine Rose Daly as Sandy, Jules as Gianna Kiehl, and Adam Bess as Abbas.

Having seen the first two seasons of Hanna, this reviewer is familiar with the characteristics that make this show stand out, but it is also true that it has gotten steadily poorer. After a phenomenal debut season, expectations for the second season of ‘Hanna’ were sky-high, thus comparisons with past seasons are inevitable.

Hanna Season 3 Review
Hanna Season 3 Review


In the second season, they were met adequately. But a good creator knows when to quit, and despite its flaws, “Hanna’s” conclusion is a fitting conclusion to an assassin epic that captivated its audience with all its power before the curtain call.

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Amazon has released the official trailer and plot summary for Hanna’s third and final season! Examine it below,

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