Good Girls Season 4 Review: Why Beth Annie and Ruby Are Sent to Jail?

The sun has set on Good Girls, and the narrative appears to be gaining its footing once more. In the fourth season’s fifteenth episode, “We’re Even,” Good Girls begins to desperately claw back some character development. Annie is beginning to determine what she desires, as Kevin, Ruby, and Beth attempt to rebuild their married friend foursome. It is important to the plot that they attempt to rebuild this portion of their relationship.

However, “We’re Even” lags behind “Nevada” in Good Girls Season 4 Episode 16. Nevada accomplishes what I’ve wished Good Girls would do all season: compel these characters to make a decision.

In “Nevada,” Beth is elected governor, and the family finally has enough money to depart. I anticipated a major exodus that would force these ladies to make decisions along the road. Instead, a bullet to the shoulder causes a dream scenario to occur.

Beth’s death was one of the endings I anticipated for the series. As these women advanced further into the globe and nothing changed, I thought that Rio would be murdered by either an ally or an adversary.

The scene creates the idea that we are entering an uncanny valley situation. Despite the fact that everything appears to be in order, difficulties continue to converge to place these women in comparable predicaments.

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Good Girls Season 4 Review
Good Girls Season 4 Review

When a thief robs the market, Beth’s cool demeanor betrays her. It is impossible for this to be anything but a nightmare. The fact that Beth can see this in her dreaming acts as the ideal wake-up call, but it also initiates a sequence of events that must be concluded.

While I may accept “Nevada’s” conclusion and be partly satisfied with it, I am left wanting additional information regarding Annie’s arrest. This order does not make sense to me.


In the past few seasons, Annie has spent a great deal of time working on herself. She obtained her GED and began to consider finding a purpose. She finally entered a committed relationship and was planning a trip.

These were all wonderful developments for Annie, but she is now comparable to Nick’s relationship with Rio. She is the family member who suffers the consequences.

Annie received the short end of the stick, which she did not deserve. Annie deserves a happy ending more than anyone else, which is surely one of the reasons why I desire a fifth season.

Good Girls Season 4 Review
Good Girls Season 4 Review

Ruby’s decision to prioritize her family above Beth was also long overdue. Ruby is Beth’s best friend, but she is also a wife and mother who is devoted to her family. When it comes down to it, she will select them.


It appears to be a betrayal. It is a betrayal, but it is simple to understand why she would choose her family in light of everything else that has transpired this season and the other people who almost put them to jail. Especially now that she must choose her family.

Season 4 obviously dragged as a whole, and while this conclusion was satisfying, it isn’t enough to maintain the show’s early suspense. The shifting power dynamics were just what the show required, but they did not occur quickly enough.

At the conclusion of “We’re Even” and “Nevada,” I am left wondering what could have transpired had Season 3 continued in this direction. This modification would have made the show’s story more dynamic and had a greater impact on the plot.


 Do Good Girls Wrap Up in Season 4?

Whether or not you were prepared for the conclusion of the NBC crime drama “Good Girls,” it has here. Due to an unanticipated cancellation, the final episode of Season 4, “Nevada,” also acts as the series conclusion.

Will Good Girls Return With a Fifth Season?

Retta claims that Season 5 of ‘Good Girls’ will not air because “one person ruined everything for the entire cast and crew.” Retta is opening up about the cancellation of Good Girls. During a recent episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, the 52-year-old comic explained why the NBC show will not return for a fifth season.

Beth Annie and Ruby Are Sent to Jail?

So, the climax concluded with Beth on top, Ruby supporting Beth rather than joining her family in Nevada, and Annie in jail. Annie’s conclusion was the one that made the least amount of sense upon initial viewing, so I’m delighted that there are connections to be established.

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