Calls Movie Review: Is the Call Based on an Actual Event?

Calls are unlike any other film you will see this year. In actuality, watching may be a bit of a stretch. This experimental series instead blends intelligent storytelling with an audio-transcribed style, a riveting mystery, and a truly eerie atmosphere. In order to get the most out of the show, you must have absolutely no prior information or prejudices.

Calls are reminiscent of the Netflix series Dark, the BAFTA-winning videogame Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, and the true crime documentary series The Confession Tapes. In each of these 12 to 20-minute episodes, two or more characters engage in a telephone conversation.

Within them, supernatural or unexplainable occurrences occur, which contribute to the show’s overarching narrative. I won’t provide any spoilers, but this show has a satisfying conclusion, so it’s worth watching till the finish.


It takes roughly five minutes to get into the first episode, which primarily serves to set the scene. What initially appears to be a simple chat suddenly takes a horrifying turn, and from this point on, Calls never leave go of your throat. Four or five episodes are devoted to various characters’ encounters with this odd phenomenon.

The series concludes with a nice ending that ties up loose ends and truly explains what’s going on in the final two episodes, which are virtually linked. Calls is a cerebrally hard show, requiring viewers to use their imaginations to create a portrait of who and what these people are.

calls movie review
calls movie review

For some, this will be an annoyance, but given the subject being presented, it seems that no other format would be as successful as this one. When the twists arrive, and there are a number of them, they are all the more satisfying and impactful.

On the surface, the visuals appear simple, but they do a remarkable job of complementing the episode’s themes and concepts. Early on, two lines form a cross, and the camera leisurely swivels between them according on who is speaking in a three-way conversation with a dubious neighbor.

Another time, the images resemble a 3D topography projection, which is appropriate given that this figure is a pilot. These occurrences persist throughout the entire series and vary considerably between episodes. Alternatively, you may close your eyes and turn off the lights while listening to this unfold.

On the matter of audio, though, Calls perform better with headphones or a surround sound system. The importance of the left and right audio channels increases when the discourse begins to overlap. The voice acting lends itself perfectly to the more frantic and menacing passages, and there is a superb group of actors providing their voices for this game.


Calls is very simply wonderful. It is a creepy, atmospheric series that tests your intellect and creativity. This will unquestionably make or break your experience, and there will be a significant number of individuals who turn this off and don’t appreciate what it has to offer.

Calls is an emotional roller coaster, culminating in one of the most frightening, eye-opening, and thrilling shows of 2021 if you can be patient and adapt to the format.

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What Does the Ending of the Call Signify?

The film concludes with Seo-awareness Yeon’s entering the terrifying Timeline 8B. At the conclusion of The Call, we realize that Young-stepmother, sook’s shaman, was correct about the deaths she will cause. She attempts to prevent it by murdering her.

Is the Call Based on an Actual Event?

Also starring are Morris Chestnut, Michael Eklund, Michael Imperioli, and David Otunga. D’Ovidio originally envisioned the tale as a television series, but eventually adapted it as a film.


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