Big Shot Season 2 Review: Does Big Shot Depict Bobby Knight?

Season 2 of Big Shot premieres on Disney+ on October 12, with Coach Marv Korn (John Stamos) and the Westbrook Sirens undergoing significant changes. Due to his behavioral concerns, the hot-tempered basketball coach was demoted from college to high school coaching last year.

His daughter Emma (Sophia Mitri Schloss) helped him improve as a father, while his interactions with his assistant coach Holly (Jessalyn Gilsig) and dean Sherilyn (Yvette Nicole Brown) made him a better coach. Holly Mow begins Season 2 as the head coach of a rival team, and the presence of male students at Westbrook flips everything on its head.

Coach Korn reminds the girls at the beginning of Season 2 that they are on a new trip with a new destination. Korn will do all it takes to ensure that the Westbrook Sirens are the first team to win the Division II championship in their inaugural year of eligibility. However, given what transpired in the first season, you can expect that there will be many difficulties along the way.


In the new season of Big Shot, the introduction of boys’ sports will be one of the greatest obstacles to conquer. After an incident compels Westbrook to become coed, the presence of male students generates an entirely new set of issues for the protagonists. There are certainly new love relationships, but Coach Korn is far more concerned with inequality. Despite exerting equal work, the boy’s squad receives preferential treatment and equipment compared to the ladies.

_big shot season 2 review
_big shot season 2 review

In addition to the participation of guys this season, Big Shot welcomes Ava as a new player (Sara Echegaray). She may be a brilliant volleyball player, but due to her poor attitude, she is dismissed from her team and placed on Marvyn’s. Although he goes out of his way to attract her for her inherent talent, her behavior resembles that of his early career, which is detrimental to team morale.

Season Two of Big Shot is a welcome return to Disney+, as Season One was one of the first series’ surprising standouts. This season builds upon what made the first season so amazing, as Stamos’ Coach Korn navigates his troubles while attempting to unite a bunch of youngsters suffering on their own.

Fans will find out if the Sirens are able to win the D2 trophy on October 12, when Big Shot Season 2 premieres exclusively on Disney+. The new season features an abundance of great television, and fans will learn if the Sirens are able to win the D2 trophy when Big Shot Season 2 premieres exclusively on Disney+.


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is Big Shot Worthwhile to Watch?

The first season of Big Shot. Big Shot possesses terrific performances, a charming temperament, and, with a little perseverance, has the potential to become a show worth rooting for.

Does Big Shot Depict Bobby Knight?

The off-screen chair-throwing event involving Marvyn is partially inspired on an incident involving Indiana University head coach Bobby Knight.

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