Youtube Star Gigi Gorgeous Revealed Her Transgender Pregnancy and Challenges?

Gigi Gorgeous is a transgender Canadian model, actress, YouTuber, and author. Her YouTube channel and book, “He Said, She Said: Lessons, Stories, and Mistakes From My Transgender Journey,” have garnered her widespread recognition. She has also appeared in a number of television series, including “Project Runway” and “Good Work.”

Gregory Allan Lazzarato was born as the biological male Gigi Gorgeous. However, during her shift from male to female, she changed her name to Gigi Loren Lazzarato Getty (nicknamed Gigi Gorgeous). She was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on April 20, 1990, to Judith and David Lazzarato. Gigi Gorgeous will turn 30 in October 2022.

Gigi Gorgeous, a YouTuber, Reveals Her Transgender Pregnancy

The process of Gigi Gorgeous considering starting a family has been an emotional one. The prominent beauty YouTuber, age 26, recently revealed on her YouTube channel that she and her fiancé Nats Getty hope to start a family in the near future, and detailed the challenges she has faced as a transgender woman.


“It’s finally time I talk about this, face my concerns, and just open up,” she says near the opening of the video, noting that it has been a “touchy issue” for her and one she has wanted to share with her audience for some time.

Gigi adds, “I believe it is a natural progression for two people in love to discuss having children and taking the next step in forming a family.” “I’ve always desired marriage. I’ve always wanted to have children and a family, but I never believed it would actually happen to me. Now that it has, I feel like “f—.”

“We always discuss having children, and we’ve even taken measures in that direction, but I’m too afraid to follow through,” she admits.

This is a topic I dislike discussing for many reasons, but primarily because I feel extremely, extremely, extremely embarrassed.

Noting her empathy for women who were born with female reproductive organs and struggle to conceive or maintain a pregnancy, the beauty guru continues, “For me, as a trans woman, childbearing is not even an option. “I was not born with a uterus, a vagina, or any of these other reproductive organs.”

“I cannot give birth to my own child,” Gigi admits, adding that she feels “inferior” to women who can. “However, I still find it embarrassing; that is how I feel. It’s a delicate topic. I feel as much as, if not more than, a genetic woman. This is not a comparison; I felt this way before I came out as transgender.

“This is such an unjust situation… She says, “Sometimes I am so furious and enraged that I am unable to endure it. “Childbirth and being pregnant have always been a desire of mine. I believe that you are the most feminine in both appearance and demeanor. Your baby is yours since it has your DNA. It’s all I desire and everything I desire for my relationship with Nats.”

Gigi reveals that she has not yet undergone sex reassignment surgery and that she and Getty, both 25, “had no luck at all” attempting to undergo the procedure on their own. Gigi reveals that she had intended to get her sperm preserved but hadn’t done so since it made her “feel less like a lady.”


After seeing all the male-female couples in the waiting room and having to explain to the doctor that she didn’t have eggs to freeze, but sperm, Gigi describes her visit to the specialist as “one of the most uncomfortable circumstances” she has ever been in.


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“[The doctor] indicated the only things that can impact sperm are a man’s advanced age, his genetics, or his use of hormones,” she says. “When she mentioned that, I threw up because I’ve been taking hormones for at least four years… So I was simply panicking.

When the appointment time arrived, Gigi decided not to go since she did not feel prepared. Since then, the couple has not yet scheduled another appointment.

“I’m hoping that talking about it, getting it off my chest, and sharing it with you will give me the strength to assess where I am in my transition to freezing [sperm],” she says. “I’m going to end up doing it because I feel like I’ve faced every fear in my life.”

She concludes the video by thanking her audience for listening and being there for her, as well as outlining her future options and uncertainty. “I know since I am unable to conceive… I am aware that this means I can still have a family. I am aware of the adoption option.”

Gigi continues, “I’m not naive to that and I’m not opposed to that, but the way I’ve always envisioned it, having a child and family and kids, numerous kids, with my DNA… maybe that’s not my reality.”

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