When Will Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 9 Be Released?

Yellowstone is the most-watched TV show on cable. TV Series Finale, a website that tracks ratings, says that about 8 million people watch each episode of Season 5 of the Kevin Costner-led neo-Western. That’s a huge number for a cable show in the year 2022. People watch it live because it’s hard to find on streaming. It is a hit with the Paramount Network. Dodge and Tractor Supply pay a lot of money to have their ads there.

Season 5 will take a break over the holidays and come back on January 1 with the eighth episode before taking a break in the middle of the season. Here’s everything we know about Season 5 of Yellowstone, including the latest news, the release date, information about the cast, and trailers.

About Yellow Stone Season 5 Episode 9

The “next time on Yellowstone” promo for Episode 8 confirmed that the January 1 episode will be the midseason finale. In it, power-hungry Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) will declare war on his family by saying he wants to impeach his father for not doing his job as governor.

Yellow Stone Season 5 Episode 9 Return Date

Yellowstone won’t be back until Episode 9 and the second half of the season, but Paramount Network hasn’t said how long the break will be.

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Yellow Stone Season 5 Episode 9 Return Date

The middle of Season 5 will end with Episode 8. It will ring in the new year on Paramount Network on Sunday, January 1 at 8 p.m./7 c. Here’s how to watch Season 5 of Yellowstone, whether you have cable or not.

Dates and Times for Season 5 of Yellowstone

Sunday, November 13, was the first day of Season 5 of Yellowstone on Paramount Network. The first two episodes, “One Hundred Years Is Nothing” and “The Sting of Wisdom,” aired right after each other. New episodes come out every week.

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Season 5 will have 14 episodes, which will be split into two parts. Part 1’s eight episodes end on January 1. No date has been set for when Part 2 will be out.

Review of Season 5 of Yellowstone

After four seasons of plotting and fighting for power against the relatively untouched beauty of Montana, the new governor, John Dutton, is now in charge, and Beth (Kelly Reilly), who works for him, is running the show.

Yellow Stone Season 5 Episode 9 Return Date

His plans are clear in the first two parts of Season 5’s first episode. Even though John has a new job, the ranch hands haven’t changed their ways. This makes for some of the best scenes in these first episodes.

Trailer for Season 5 of Yellowstone

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