Will There Be a Release Date for How It Ends 2? This Page Contains All of Its Information

How It Ends is a Brooks McLaren-written American action-drama mystery thriller film. The 114-minute film was launched on Netflix on July 13, 2018, with a running time on Netflix.

In the midst of an apocalypse, the film’s plot revolves around a guy who struggles to reach his pregnant wife, who is located far away.

Theo James, Grace Dove, Mark O’Brien, Nicole Ari Parker, Forest Whitaker, and Kat Graham are among the most outstanding actors who have been cast in roles in the film by its creators.

Are you interested in the release date for How It Ends 2? What is the plot of the sequel to How It Ends? Who will reprise their roles in the sequel to How It Ends? Continue reading to learn more about How It Ends’s the second section.

Release Date for How It Ends 2

Netflix released the film’s first full-length trailer on June 22, 2018, and the film was released on July 13, 2018. The film was announced in 2011, but for unknown reasons, it was not released until 2018.

As of December 2022, the filmmakers have announced nothing regarding the second installment of the film and have not even stated whether a sequel would be produced.

As has always been the case, the cast and crew are now prepared to begin production on a new film as soon as an official announcement is made. Unfortunately, the producers have not yet announced whether there will be a sequel.

How It Ends 2: Casts

It is anticipated that How It Ends 2 will feature all of the previous actors and actresses in addition to a few newcomers.

Consequently, Will Younger, Graham, Tom Sutherland, Nicole Ari Parker, Mark O’Brien, Grace Dove, Greyeyes, Kerry Bishe, and Keenleyside can be anticipated. J Fetherston Haugh, Aaron Hughes, Lanie Mc Auley, Josh Cruces, Aida Ritchie, and Dan Stevens may serve as crew members for Part 2.

How It Ends 2 Predictable Plot

The film tells the narrative of a couple, Will and Samantha. Will meets Sam’s parents to receive their consent to marry Sam. Tom engages in a disagreement with Will and Sam’s father and then leaves without revealing his marriage or pregnancy.

How It Ends 2 Release Date
How It Ends 2 Release Date

Sam phones the following day to report hearing some strange sounds. Will returns to Sam’s parents’ home, where he and Sam travel to find Sam in Seattle after the line disconnects and all planes are canceled.

They experience several difficulties, including Tom’s medical emergency. Tom realizes that there is little time left, which is followed by his reunion with Will and his blessing for their wedding.

When Will sees Sam and Jeremiah together, the situation deteriorates because Jeremiah is now in love with Sam and refuses to leave her.

He even attempts to attack Will but is killed in self-defense by Sam. Will and Sam are able to escape, and the natural disaster, which at first appears to be a man-made disaster, stays unexplained for the length of the film.


The tale will continue from where the first film left off, and if there is a sequel, Will and Sam will have a child and get married. The sequel could possibly investigate the causes of the catastrophe. The overall plot of the sequel will be entirely reimagined.

Undoubtedly, the sequel will contain a variety of aspects, including action, drama, mystery, science fiction, and suspense. However, the IMDb rating is less than 6, making it less likely that the creators will produce a sequel.

Where Can You Watch It?

  1. Hulu
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. DVD
  4. Netflix and other streaming platforms

How It Ends 2 Official Trailer

Since the sequel to the film How It Ends has not been confirmed, there is no trailer for How It Ends 2. Nonetheless, you can view the trailer for the first film, which is already available on YouTube.

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