Who is Daejhanae Jackson and Where is He at Present? What Happened in Mexico?

We lack all the necessary information on Daejhanae at this time. The story of Shanquella Robinson, whose name has since traveled around the Internet, contributed to a request for the arrest of those involved in the Mexican video.

According to her LinkedIn page, Daejhanae Jackson characterizes herself excitedly as a “healthcare professional aspirant.” Additionally, her profile indicates that she attended Winston-Salem State University. Daejhanae is currently employed by Blue Rhino in the North Carolina borderlands.

This is all the information we could locate on Daejhanae Jackson. Her online reputation for viciously attacking her pal has traveled far and wide. Since she is not precisely a household name, there is no other means to learn about her personal life.

Where Currently Is Dejanae Jackson?

Shanquella Robinson and her friends flew to Cabo in order to celebrate a birthday and enjoy the long weekend.

After she reported that they were having tacos or a salad, I wished Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, a happy night and promised to speak with her the following day.


According to the autopsy findings, alcohol was not a contributing factor. It reveals that she suffered a shattered neck and spine. She had been attacked. Although Shanquella was murdered the next day, Shanquella’s best friend Khalil Cooke informed her mother that she had alcohol poisoning.

It is currently unknown what steps the police conducted against Dejanae Jackson. According to the beat officer Daejhanae Jackson, prisoner information was not discovered.

What Happened in Mexico to Daejhanae and Shanquella?

When we probe a little deeper into the mystery, we discover that a video of the alleged suspect Daejhanae reportedly assaulting Shanquella Robinson prior to her tragic and untimely death was uploaded and immediately inundated within seconds.

Shanquella Robinson was discovered dead in Mexico on October 28, 2022. The body was located during a 24-hour search. According to speculations, Shanquella and a few of her pals decided to travel to Mexico in order to have a good time.

Who is Daejhanae Jackson
Who is Daejhanae Jackson

What truly transpired between Daejhanae and Shanquella is unknown. Nevertheless, the video appears to depict a lady assaulting a naked Shanquella Robinson. Shanquella’s companions captured the incident on film, although it is unknown why she was beaten.

Nonetheless, it is essential to emphasize that officials have not corroborated the claims made by online users since the video became viral.


In the video, one man cheers the aggressor, while another urges the victim to fight back. It is unclear why Deajhanae Jackson defeated Shanquella Robinson.

The investigation benefited from the names and photographs of their so-called buddies after the video went viral. Khalil, Alysse Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazar Wiggings.

Shanquella Robinson’s death became violent. Following the internet publication of the video, the six suspects erased their social media accounts. Shanquella Robinson was severely beaten by Daejhanae, resulting in a knot on her skull and swollen eyes. The family of Shanquella Robinson suspects Daejhanae Jackson.

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