Where is Sally Mcneil and What Happened During Killer Sally’s Trial?

Killer Sally is one of the most recent real crime documentaries on Netflix. The documentary investigates Sally McNeil’s 1996 murder conviction.

On Valentine’s Day in 1995, ex-professional bodybuilder Sally McNeil was charged with second-degree murder for shooting and killing her husband, fellow bodybuilder Ray McNeil. McNeil said that her husband had a history of beating her and had attacked her the night she shot him twice with a shotgun.

The jury disbelieved McNeil’s claim of self-defense and decided in favor of the prosecution. Killer Sally nevertheless asks McNeil to tell her story in her own words. The series was created by Oscar-winning director Nanette Burstein (Hilary and On the Ropes).

Killer Sally intends to shed light on the truth of the case and the regrettable sensationalization of it by the media at the time. McNeil was the punchline of numerous late-night jokes and skits. Due of her physique, the media would refer to her as a “monster” and a “muscular bride.”

Where is She Now, Sally Mcneil?

Once released on parole, Sally relocated to the Veterans Transitions Center in California, where she met her third husband, Norfleet Stewart, in a VTC support group. Some of their wedding footage is shown in the Killer Sally documentary series.


At the conclusion of the documentary, 62-year-old Sally expresses optimism for the future and her relationship with Stewart.

Where is Sally Mcneil
Where is Sally Mcneil

What Happened During Killer Sally’s Trial?

Due to her bodybuilder figure, prosecutor Dan Goldstein attempted to portray her as the aggressor. According to The Independent, in his opening statement, Goldstein stated, “She is a bully.” This is difficult to say when discussing a woman, but Sally McNeil has managed to overcome the gender gap.

According to The U.S. Sun, they also termed the murder the “roid fury killing” due to the fact that detectives later revealed that both suspects were using steroids.


As reported by The Guardian, the prosecution attempted to claim that the murder was premeditated because, according to forensic evidence, she shot Ray in the belly, reloaded the gun, and then shot him in the face.

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