Where is Russ Faria and what happened to him? what he did?

Pam Hupp disrupted Russ Faria’s life. As seen on NBC’s The Thing About Pam, Russ (played by Glenn Fleshler) discovered his wife Betsy Faria (played by Katy Mixon) stabbed to death in their house two days after Christmas 2011.

He quickly dialed 911 after concluding that Betsy committed suicide. Nonetheless, he was charged with her murder, much to his dismay.

In 2013, Russ was falsely convicted of the murder and imprisoned, in part due to witness claims and evidence from Hupp (portrayed by Renée Zellweger). Russ was granted a new trial two years later and found not guilty.

In 2018, attention shifted to Hupp, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Louis Gumpenberger. She was accused of murdering Betsy in 2021 and is awaiting trial. She entered an alibi plea.

Where is the Genuine Russ Faria Today?

In 2020, five years after he was acquitted of Betsy’s murder, Russ was awarded a $2 million settlement in a civil complaint against the cops whose improper handling of the case led to his incarceration.

Fox 2 Now reports that he is currently employed at a motorcycle store in Minnesota and volunteers with the Midwest Innocence Project in his leisure time. According to the organization’s website, it “provides materials for and concerning unjust convictions throughout the Midwest.

where is russ faria now
where is russ faria now

Russ is still committed to seeking justice for his wife, even after a decade has gone by. “Betsy possessed an award-winning smile and one of the largest hearts of anyone you’ve ever met,” he told People. “I knew she loved me, and I loved her as well.”

How does he feel about Hupp? “The only words I can use to describe her are the personification of evil,” he stated. “I want resolution. I require that Pam be found guilty of this offense.”


Did Russ Faria Remarry or Have a Second Spouse?

Russ, a.k.a. Carol McAfee, is engaged to Carol (a.k.a. Carol) at the conclusion of The Thing About Pam. This is correct.

McAfee became involved in the saga shortly after Russ’s acquittal. Hupp devised a murderous plot to frame Russ. As depicted in The Thing About Pam, Hupp pretended to be a Dateline producer and drove through McAfee’s trailer park in an attempt to get her into her car and to her home.

where is russ faria now
where is russ faria now

McAfee was able to flee because her senses alerted her something was up. Six days later, Hupp is said to have approached Gumpenberger using the same pretext. As we now know, she fatally shot him. Perhaps McAfee nearly escaped the same fate.

“If it weren’t for [Hupp], I wouldn’t have met this great lady here,” Russ told Fox 2 Now. “Out of all this horrible—and this bad, bad, evil person,” he said, “I wouldn’t have met this lovely lady here.”


McAfee added, “Betsy was his wife when she was slain. Even though she was slain, this continues to occur. I am certain that a portion of his heart will always be with her. If he did not still love her, still think about her, and still miss her, I would have to question his integrity. And if I wasn’t comfortable with it, I would need to evaluate my own.”

Despite his exoneration, the series finale revealed that Russ still does not speak to Betsy’s kids, Leah and Mariah Day (his stepdaughters). Sadly, this is also true. In preparation for his role, Fleshler spoke with Russ in order to gain some insight into the scenario.

Fleshler told Newsweek that “almost the entire community turned against Russ; everyone believed he was responsible, and he had only a handful of supporters.” “Many family members, Betsy’s family, in particular, turned against him, certain of his guilt. They weren’t doing it intentionally; someone close to them had been taken away. It is quite unpleasant in this way.”

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