Where is Hurby Azor Now? Let us Know Everything About Him

On Saturday, January 23, you can tune in to Lifetime to catch Hurby Azor’s most recent production. The successful music producer is one of the co-executive producers of the forthcoming Salt-N-Pepa biopic on Lifetime TV. He most recently judged the Haitian talent program Digicel Star of Stars.

A supporting role like that certainly makes sense. According to AllMusic, Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor not only co-wrote Salt-N-hit Pepa’s single “Push It,” but he also discovered a “successful formula of pop-crossover rap production” that propelled the ’90s hip-hop trio to multi-platinum success.

Who Exactly is This Hurby Azor?

His stage names are “Luv Bug” and “Fingerprints,” and he is a rapper and music producer. By bringing a more mainstream pop sensibility to rap, he opened the door for the genre’s mainstream success. Famous music producer Hurby was the one who saw Salt n’ Pepa’s potential and helped them succeed.

He penned Salt n’ Pepa’s multi-award-winning and the chart-topping single “Push It.” He has worked on music for many different TV shows. Much popular media have included his works, including the movie Stepsisters and the TV show Mike & Mike.

Hurby Azor joined the world on September 26, 1964. After rising to prominence with Salt n’ Pepa in 1985, he has worked with a wide range of artists.


Where is Hurby Azor Now?

Hurby has a job in the music industry, where he writes songs and finds new talent. He is credited as a producer on the recently released autobiographical film Salt n’ Pepa. Recently, he appeared in the popular Haitian show “Digicel of Stars” as a judge.

Behind Salt-n-Pepa is Hurby Azor

Pepa congratulated Hurby for all of their accomplishments in an interview with The New York Times published on January 22, 2021. They both viewed him as an essential element of their team, and Salt added, “Pep constantly says that Hurby is our third.”

Hurby worked as a composer and songwriter without being noticed, and he contributed to the creation of numerous unforgettable hits by the band.

Salt and Pepa, who also acted as executive producers, recently discussed the relevance of Hurby in the film with The New York Times.

Where is Hurby Azor Now
Where is Hurby Azor Now

Salt stated, “The truth is the truth” to the publication. Hurby was the individual we required. When we first met, I was dating him. He emanated the characteristics of an artist and bestowed them upon us… My vocal abilities were nonexistent. I never had musical talent. Hip-hop enabled me to pursue my passions through Hurby, which is why I adore it so much.

According to Pepa, “Hurby threw me into the studio when he determined I would become Pepa.” Hurby saw everything in his imagination. He required that it be uttered and performed in a particular manner. I struggled initially to keep up with the rhythm. I finally comprehended it.

On so many levels, the chemistry between the three of us was combustible,” Salt added. “Pep always states, ‘Hurby is our third,'” When they were little, Pep and Hurby frequently fought. Instantaneously, a flood of creativity, emotion, and drama resonated through music and dance.


Back then, Salt-N-Pepa may not have needed Hurby’s help to achieve success, but in the age of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, anything is possible.

We were required to cross a Hurby,” Salt told the New York Times. Once upon a time, the approbation of a camp, specifically a man camp, was required. However, with the rise of social media and other platforms, it is now simpler than ever for regular people to gain prominence.

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