Where is Elizabeth Lambert and What Punishment Did Elizabeth Lambert Receive?

Elizabeth Lambert was a key defender for the New Mexico women’s soccer team and had a controversial personality, but she has since faded into oblivion following a terrible incident on the field.

After publically apologizing to fans and BYU players, we will investigate what occurred to this former New Mexico Lobos athlete. After a video of the collegiate soccer player ripping out her hair during a game went viral on the internet, she garnered a big fan base.

Where is Elizabeth Lambert at This Time in 2022?

After receiving a ban as a result of the incident, the college soccer player has been out of sight for a while.

After the incident, she was permanently barred from any team activities, and her last Facebook post was on November 18, 2009.

On November 5, 2009, during a Mountain West Conference playoff game against Brigham Young University, the player was accused of many acts of unsportsmanlike conduct.


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Her acts of dragging a fellow player to the ground by her hair and elbowing produced friction. Despite the awful events occurring on the field, she was only issued a yellow card for her behavior.

She soon gained to popularity as one of the most infamous athletes in the United States after receiving a number of disciplinary fines when the video of her horrific behavior went viral. Elizabeth Lambert’s current location is unclear, and she has remained silent regarding her spouse and marital happiness.


What is Elizabeth Lambert Doing at the Moment?

Lambert’s position on the field for the New Mexico Lobos women’s team was defense. Her departure was a significant setback for the Lobos, as she was one of the team’s leading players. Since her incident, she has made a public apology and asked for forgiveness. In the meanwhile, she cannot play because she is still prohibited.

The game was placed against Brigham Young University in the Mountain West Conference. Throughout the relevant match, Lambert had been nothing short of aggressive.

She was observed kicking, elbowing, and ultimately dragging down a player. She had simply earned a booking for her shenanigans at the time. Later, though, the consequences were more serious, preventing her from playing the game she loves.

Elizabeth Lambert
Elizabeth Lambert

She is one of the most famous female athletes in history. Due to her misconduct, she has faced multiple punishments. With the video becoming viral and being viewed by so many soccer fans and players, it is possible to conclude that this has become a curse.

While extensive information about the player can be obtained online, the majority of which pertains to her career, she does not yet have a Wikipedia article.

After the big game, a Bleacher Report article was published in which she became famous and received attention. Since then, however, it has become generally obsolete.


What Punishment Did Elizabeth Lambert Receive?

Everyone is aware that during the semifinals of the Mountain West Conference, Elizabeth Lambert lost her mind and attacked some innocuous BYU players.

According to multiple sources, she has been kicked off the squad and is prohibited from participating in team events.

Elizabeth was subsequently punished for two games as a result of her poor conduct during the semifinal match. In addition, she had to wait until 2010 to play again. Lambert was no longer permitted to take part in any team activities.

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