What does the End Credits Scene in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Means for the MCU

You should know by now not to stop watching a Marvel production before the credits have rolled. Falcon and The Winter Soldier has its own post-credits scene, and while it doesn’t immediately tie into a Marvel Phase 4 sequel as the WandaVision post-credits did, it’s no less crucial in laying the groundwork for the MCU’s future.

First, we’ll go over the Falcon and The Winter Soldier ending post-credits scene so that everyone is on the same page about what’s going on, and then we’ll look ahead to what it all imply for a possible second season of the Disney Plus series.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale Post-credits Scene

It’s also a crisp, brief affair, as Sharon Carter Emily VanCamp completes her long journey back to America and is pardoned for her previous ‘crimes’ from Captain America: Civil War. One of the committee members even mentions Peggy Carter, adding,

“The Carter name has always been connected with service and trust.” Ironic. Sharon was also offered a post in her “former division” of the CIA, and she is now known as “Agent Carter” once more.

Falcon and Winter Soldier
Falcon and Winter Soldier

Sharon, it turns out, needed a clean slate and a powerful career. Because, surprise, she’s the Power Broker. Madripoor’s dark criminal commander now has access to all manner of government secrets and technology – and intends to make good use of it.

Carter contacts an unnamed party and requests that they invite a group of purchasers, with prototype weapons, back to the table. “There should be something for everyone,” she remarks.


What the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Conclusion Post-credits Sequence Signify for Marvel’s Future

On a basic level, Sharon Carter is now established as a rather high-level danger who will most certainly confront both Captain America and The Winter Soldier in Falcon and The Winter Soldier season 2.

Beyond that, the consequences for the MCU’s heroes might be even worse. Carter’s access to censored material and cutting-edge technology allow secrets to be revealed and, more importantly, supervillains to be armed with a flick of the pen.

Falcon and Winter Soldier
Falcon and Winter Soldier

It wouldn’t be a leap to say that the beginnings of any street-level (or otherwise) villain in subsequent Marvel films and series could all be linked back to whatever Sharon gets up to in the CIA.

Remember that she has prior experience working with Batroc. Now that she’s out of the shadows and armed, no one knows who she’ll team up with next – or who will be in her crosshairs.


Plus, with her prior allegiances and devious personality, she’ll be a very genuine threat to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. If that’s the case, Cap may be in for a battle – and his toughest decision – in the future.

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