The Witcher Blood Origin Release Date| Cast| Plot| Trailer| Latest Updates!

Based on the popular video game series and fantasy books by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher came to Netflix in 2020. Henry Cavill played Geralt of Rivia in the first season.

Even though fans of the franchise are still trying to get over Cavill leaving the show in Season 4, there is something to look forward to a spinoff prequel with a starry cast coming to Netflix sooner than you might think.

So, here’s what we know about The Witcher: Blood Origin so far, including its release date, trailer, cast, plot, and other details.

What is the Release Date for the Witcher Blood Origin?

The Witcher: Blood Origin is set to come out on Netflix on December 25, 2022. It will only have four episodes instead of the original six. Showrunner Declan de Barra has said it will be like a “two-part movie.”

The Witcher Blood Origin Release Date

In the past, new seasons of The Witcher have come out around the holidays, so fans can look forward to spending another Christmas exploring the Continent with a new story.

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The Witcher Blood Origin has been a bit of a wait since the first footage came out in December of last year. But the show had to go through a lot of reshoots in April, and because of other problems, it won’t air until Christmas Day this year.

The Witcher Blood Origin Cast: Who’s in it?

  • Michelle Yeoh as Scían
  • Sophia Brown as Éile
  • Laurence O’Fuarain as Fjall
  • Lenny Henry as Chief Sage Balor
  • Mirren Mack as Merwyn
  • Nathaniel Curtis as Brían
  • Dylan Moran as Uthrok One-Nut
  • Jacob Collins-Levy as Eredin
  • Lizzie Annis as Zacaré
  • Zach Wyatt as Syndril
  • Huw Novelli as Callan “Brother Death”
  • Francesca Mills as Meldof
  • Amy Murray as Fenrik
  • Aidan O’Callaghan as Kareg

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What Happens in The Witcher Blood Origin?

“Every story has a beginning,” says the official summary. The Witcher: Blood Origin is a new prequel series that takes place 1200 years before the events of The Witcher. It shows the history of the Continent that has never been told.

“Blood Origin will tell a story that has been lost to time. It will look at the creation of the first prototype Witcher and the events that led up to the important “Conjunction of the Spheres,” when the worlds of monsters, humans, and elves came together to become one.”

The Witcher Blood Origin Release Date

That means the show will take place a long time before Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri’s adventures (Freya Allan).

De Barra told Tulum, “Viewers will be surprised because they will see a story about a time in elven history that humans covered up after they came to the Continent and eventually took it over.

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“We get to tell a story about the elves when they were at their best before they fell as all great societies do.”

Is there a trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origins?

The Witcher Blood Origin does have a trailer. Here’s where you can see it:

It gives a look at Michelle Yeoh’s character Scion, Sophia Brown’s character Éile, and Laurence O’Fuarain’s character Fjall. It also shows off the epic, on-location cinematography and fast-paced action of the prequel.

On November 10, a second trailer came out, which you can watch below:

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