The Post-credits Scene of Aquaman Explained: What Happened in the Scene

Should you sit through the Aquaman credits hoping for a post-credits scene? The most recent DCEU film is being released at a time when the franchise’s future is uncertain.

Justice League underwhelmed in 2017 following a series of chapters hampered by filming problems and a continually mixed response from audiences and critics, with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman being the sole unqualified success to date. Fans are eager to see where James Wan’s Aquaman takes the universe and what it establishes for the future.

Aside from a passing allusion to Steppenwolf and Aquaman’s involvement in fending off the cosmic menace, there are relatively few references to earlier DCEU installments. But this was to be expected, given that Arthur Curry’s universe lives in the ocean depths, with the seven kingdoms of Atlantis far from the land-bound labors of mankind. This quest focuses mostly on Atlantean politics and presents a dilemma that only Curry can handle.

Aquaman has one post-credits scene, which is a mid-credits teaser featuring only characters from the film.

This material also appears quite fast after the conclusion, so you won’t have to wait long to catch hints of future films and stories. There is nothing at the end of the Aquaman credit roll.

We will not reveal the plot of Aquaman’s post-credits scene, but as previously said, its context is wholly contained inside the film’s universe. No other established or unestablished DCEU characters are named or introduced.

This is not a continuation of the Legion of Doom setup from the Justice League post-credits sequence, in which Deathstroke and Lex Luthor discussed the possibility of forming a squad.


That does not imply that what is revealed in the post-credits stinger will not have greater implications in Aquaman 2 and beyond.

The series creates scenarios in which the kingdoms of Atlantis and surface-dwellers could find themselves in conflict, making the situation more challenging for Arthur, Mera, and their inner circle. Aquaman’s principal enemy, King Orm, is capable of making decisions that might reverberate throughout the franchise for future films.

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