The Big 4 Movie Review: Is it Wild, Extreme, and Absolutely Hilarious

The Big 4, helmed by Timo Tjahjanto, is a gruesome action-obsessed comedy with a running time of 2 hours and 21 minutes.

The narrative immediately jumps into the thick of the action. Dina, a police officer investigating the death of her father Petrus, discovers his actual identity as the leader and honorary father of a gang of assassins.

fter identifying the four thugs that her father trained, Alpha, Jenggo, Pelor, and their leader Topan, Dina and the Big 4 become the target of Antonio, a psychopath. Dina and the rest of the group must work together to rescue the weakest member of the group after Antonio abducts him.

The opening scene immediately establishes a heroic tone. A youngster is placed in the care of a facility that looks to be an orphanage but is actually an organ farm. The assassin crew is blowing heads off left and right, and this theme of violence continues throughout the film

There are several regular, fast-paced action sequences, as well as a few lengthy ones, which are all coordinated beautifully. Each performer in The Big 4 completely embodies his or her character, hence enhancing the film’s impact.

The Big 4 Movie Review
The Big 4 Movie Review

In addition, the picture is action-packed and there is never a dull moment. The amusing dialogue between the major characters holds the film together and makes the entire experience entertaining. These small details add much-needed humor, and the gags employed are quite amusing.


The Big 4 features a compelling plot and focuses heavily on gore and violence. A significant amount of innuendo is also used to propel the discourse toward its conclusion. Although more vigilante action would have been welcome, the film ended with a sequel teaser.

It is possible that we will see our characters again; there is hope for further Big 4 adventures. Overall, this is a well-made action flick that any moviegoer will appreciate.

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