The Big 4 Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of the Story?

Dina, a police officer investigating the death of her father Petrus, discovers his actual identity as the leader and honorary father of a gang of assassins. After identifying the four thugs that her father trained, Alpha, Jenggo, Pelor, and their leader Topan, Dina and the Big 4 become the target of Antonio, a psychopath.

When Antonio abducts the gang’s weakest member, Pelor, Dina, and the rest of the group must work together to rescue him.

Are the Big Four and Dina Superior to Antonio and His Men?

After learning where Antonio and his men are, Topan, Jenggo, Dina, and Alpha arrive armed to the teeth.

They fight to the death, with Topan receiving a stab wound to the hand. Antonio and Topan begin a one-on-one struggle, and it appears like Antonio is ready to mortally stab Topan when Dina emerges (covered in blood).


She fires onto Antonio after he asks whether she wants to know who killed her father. Antonio falls to the ground, but Dina’s bullet misses its target. Antonio stands and sprints to the chamber where Pelor is restrained.

The Big 4 Movie
The Big 4 Movie

The Big 4 Ending Explain

Dina, holding handcuffs, informs Topan, after a moment of recovery, that the police are on their way, but that the Big 4 will be treated decently. Topan, though, has other plans. He leans in and kisses Dina passionately.

Dina discovers one handcuff on her and the other on the window frame when he retreats. He gives her Petrus’s old hat with a key attached to it before leaving.

The final scene concludes with Petrus’s best buddy Hassan, a police captain, debating the survival of the Big 4 with a terrifying eyepatch-wearing woman. She slashes Topan’s portrait with a large sword, claiming that she has “unfinished business.”


Hassan’s treachery does not come as much of a surprise, as viewers may have wondered what his job was for otherwise.

However, it is unknown who this mysterious woman is. She appears to have a connection to Topan’s history.

Possibly, she is a criminal whose activities were foiled by Topan and the Big 4. Or perhaps she is his missing mother. Director Timo Tjahjanto will hopefully not keep us waiting too long.

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