Tell Me Lies Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Get Confirmation From Disney+?

Fans of Tell Me Lies will be happy to hear that the show will return for a second season. That means there will be more romance, more drama, and more dark secrets. We’re so excited.

The first season is now streaming on Disney+. It is about two characters, Lucy and Stephen, and how their lives change over eight years. Based on Carola Lovering’s novel of the same name, the series follows the couple’s toxic but passionate relationship from when they met in college until they were in their twenties. Along the way, a lot of (sometimes dark) drama happens. Plus, Emma Roberts is one of the people in charge, which makes this one even better.

Here’s everything we know so far about season two of Tell Me Lies…

Tell Me Lies Season 2: Release Date

Hulu has confirmed that there will be a second season of Tell Me Lies, but they haven’t said anything about when it will be ready to watch. Alas. Here’s Hulu’s official Instagram post about the renewal, in case you can find any hints about when season 2 will be available:


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 For what it’s worth, Hulu gave season 1 the go-ahead in August 2021, and the show debuted a little over a year later. If the schedule stays the same, season 2 might come out in early 2024.

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Who will be in Season 2 of Tell Me Lies?

Tell Me Lies wouldn’t be Tell Me Lies without Stephen and Lucy, so we can expect to see Jackson White and Grace Van Patten back as Stephen and Lucy.

Tell Me Lies Season 2

Catherine Missal is playing Bree, Spencer House is playing Wrigley, Sonia Mena is playing Pippa, Alicia Crowder is playing Diana, Branden Cook is playing Evan, Benjamin Wadsworth is playing Drew, and Zoe Renee is playing Charlie.

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Macy was killed in a car accident in the first season, so we can only expect to see actor Lily McInerny in flashbacks.

What Will happen in Season 2 of Tell Me Lies?

Showrunner and executive producer Meaghan Oppenheimer said that the first season of Tell Me Lies was “an exploration of toxic relationships and the ways we hurt ourselves when we fall for the wrong people.”

“When Lucy meets Stephen, she sees all the red flags, but she doesn’t pay attention to them. This sets her on a path that completely derails her,” she told Cosmo in an email before season 1 started.

Tell Me Lies Season 2

Stephen betrays Lucy at the end of season 1, so Oppenheimer has hinted that in season 2, our main character might start dressing like Taylor Swift to get back at Stephen.

She told TVLine after the season 1 finale, “I think there will be some revenge plots in Season 2.” “I don’t think she can tell people that he was in the car because he told her that if she did, she would have to admit all these other things as well.

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I don’t think she’s ready to risk social annihilation and admit how badly she behaved, especially now that she’s seen that it wasn’t even worth it. Like, “I did all of these. I gave this guy a pass. For someone who just left a party with his ex-girlfriend, I lied and hurt other people.’ It is almost too embarrassing for her, and she feels too bad about it.”

Tell Me Lies Season 2: Trailer

The trailer for Tell Me Lies’s second season hasn’t been released yet, and it probably won’t be any time soon. The show was just recently picked up for a second season, so it will be a while before filming is done. While we wait for the one for the second season, you might want to watch the first trailer for the show.

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