‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’: Is There a Post-Credits Scene and What Happen?

Most people who go to see Spider-Man: Homecoming know that Marvel likes to sneak in scenes after the credits that are one-off jokes, grace notes, or, most excitingly, teasers for future adventures.

The 16th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no different, and the after-credits scenes were a big deal before the movie came out.

The number of scenes Marvel adds after the credits of their movies varies (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in 2017 brought the record up to five), and while Homecoming has two, the first one is the most important for Spider-Man fans who want to know what might happen in future movies.

There are spoilers ahead, so you should only read on if you want to know everything there is to know about who Spider-Man may face next in Queens.

Vulture in Prison

The first sequence, which airs in the middle of the credits, serves as the film’s epilogue. Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, often known as the Vulture, is incarcerated in the near future.

Spider-Man is wandering around when he is challenged by an old partner (with a scorpion tattoo, who may become the villain known as Scorpion in a future film) who wants to know his identity. The man informs Toomes that he has heard Toomes is familiar with Spider-Man.

spider man homecoming
spider man homecoming

Toomes is aware that Peter Parker is Spider-Man (he discovers this in the third act of the film), but he pretends otherwise. Before the sequence ends, he flashes a dark look, presumably setting up the character’s return in a future Marvel film.

Given how extensively Homecoming outlines Toomes’s moral code, the scene’s implication that Toomes wants to take on Spider-Man himself is plausible. At one point in the film, he decides against killing Peter/Spider-Man because Peter saved his daughter’s life. Later in the film, Peter also saves Toomes’ life.

Toomes is doing Peter Parker a favor by not revealing him, which would bring all kinds of villains on his trial, as seen in the opening credits of Homecoming. However, it also suggests that Toomes intends to deal with Peter Parker himself.


 Captain America’s Message

Captain America serves as a comic prop for the entirety of the film. The teachers at Peter Parker’s high school play recorded public service announcements (PSAs) for their students to teach them how to be better citizens (one of the taped messages is about detention).

The second scene of credits in Homecoming plays off of these ideas, offering us a final message from Captain America extolling the worth and virtue of patience.

He addresses the audience directly and discusses the necessity of patience, emphasizing that it is not always rewarded.

He notes that occasionally, people find themselves waiting a long time for something that isn’t what they desired or anticipated – much like this credits scene.


Due to Marvel’s lengthy history of tease-heavy title scenes, many fans may have expected to see something big or bold in Homecoming’s credit scenes, perhaps a glimpse at the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War.

Instead, Marvel gave them this ridiculous nothing burger with a smirk. Before the sequence ends, a title card states that Spider-Man will return to the big screen in 2019 with a new feature (no solid date has been set yet)

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