sonic 2: How many post-credits scenes Sonic 2 has and How is Sonic 3 Set Up?

There are some who would like to know how many there are, so we’ve provided a non-spoiler explanation below. We will also let you know when it is safe to exit the theatre.

If you have already seen the after-credits stinger and are curious how Sonic 2’s post-credits scenes set up Sonic 3, we have a more detailed explanation of what happened and what it all means. The who, what, and why of Sonic 2’s pivotal post-credits scene is only a scroll away.

How Many Post-credits Sequences Are There in Sonic 2?

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has a single post-credits scene. After the 16-bit recreation of the film’s events in the slick credit sequence, the film’s actual credits appear.

The post-credits scene in question is around one minute long. After that, the remaining staff credits are displayed. You are then free to leave if you so want; there is no need to wait till the lights come on.

Explaining the Sonic 2 Post-credits Scene

Okay, genuine last spoiler alert. Beyond this point, we will reveal how Sonic 2 concludes.

The Sonic 2 post-credits sequence occurs after the conclusion of the film’s climactic battle. After Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails beat an emerald-powered Doctor Robotnik, military personnel arrive to examine the destruction.

sonic 2 post credit scene
sonic 2 post credit scene

Stone, Robotnik’s henchman, makes a brief appearance before vanishing in disguise. This is the first key detail you may have overlooked. However, the most significant revelation is kept for last.

In response to Robotnik’s devastation, the military chooses to find something it has concealed for a very long time… Beware of the Hedgehog!

Shadow is held in some form of cryogenic sleep at a secret facility. The screen then goes black.

What does Shadow mean for Sonic 3?

If a Sonic 3 film is made, it appears likely that the plot will revolve around Shadow as he battles Sonic before becoming his ally (basically the same thing that happens to Knuckles in Sonic 2).

One question is if Robotnik will reappear in Sonic 3 again. If he is genuinely deceased, another actor will have to play his role in the film. However, given his significance to the brand, we suspect Eggman will return.


Will Sonic the Hedgehog 3 be released?

Sonic 3 and a Knuckles spin-off TV series were both confirmed for February 2022. Sonic 3 is essentially already being set up, as you can see from the sassy post-credit scene in Sonic 2 if that assurance wasn’t enough.

We are aware that Dr. Robotnik has escaped the grasp of the law, Shadow is now awake, and GUN is aware of his whereabouts. In conclusion, there are a lot of open threads that still want responses.

Master Emerald is also on earth, and since Sonic and his friends are still in charge of such a potent artifact, it is unlikely that they will be left alone for very long. That glowing green jewel will surely be the target of Dr. Robotnik or another evil.

We wager that soon after Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic form a solid team, they will have to collaborate once more to defeat a fresh menace. So fans may relax knowing that Sonic’s cinematic run is undoubtedly still going strong.

The explanation behind Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s climax: Sonic on an aircraft
Unfortunately, we are unsure of the release date for Sonic 3.

The sequel’s production timetable has not been disclosed by Paramount. According to the priority and budget set by the studio, the film may also move slowly given the ongoing Knuckles TV series.


Recasting for Dr. Robotnik would be necessary and could take some time if Jim Carrey’s recent comments about possibly retiring from acting after Sonic the Hedgehog 2 are true.

Similarly, if recasting doesn’t take place, it might be difficult to write a fresh Sonic script without Dr. Robotnik. When we learn more, we’ll let you know.

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